Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week Two

Update: Julia weighed in at 10 lbs at her appointment today (2-2-12). They want babies to be back up to their birth weight by two weeks. I think she's good!

I'm still in shock. I can hardly believe we have four little girls. A clothing catalog arrived in the mail and I started looking through the boys clothes and then remembered that I didn't need to g0 there. I thought for sure I'd have to start collecting little boys clothes. It is amazing to me that I'm wrapping Julia up in the same receiving blankets that I got as a gift from my neighbor when Amanda came home. I had no idea then what my life would look like now. It looks pretty pink and sweet, don't you think?

Here's Julia in her home-from-the-hospital outift. It was an outfit I picked up at a thrift shop before she was born. My newborn stuff was always borrowed because I was always surprised to have a girl. This is the last time I will try to squeeze her into it, though. She was a pretty big newborn. ;) It's so funny because all the doctors and nurses who see her say, "Oh, you're such a big girl!" And I say, "No, she's so little!" I guess she's big compared to a six or seven pound newborn but she's tiny compared to my 28 lb Tali. We go in on Thursday for her two week check. I wonder if she's up to 10 lbs by now.

Julia has been our easiest newborn. It seems like her periods of sleep at night have been shorter but maybe that's because I'm sleeping better and not waking up before she does. For the most part, she nurses or rocks to sleep very quickly and then sleeps well for about two hours. Even when she is having trouble going to sleep, she is calm and just looks around. She doesn't seem to have tummy complaints and barely spits up. The last couple of days, Julia seems to be much more social and looking in the direction of whoever it talking to her.

I'm feeling pretty good right now. My voice is back and cough is mostly gone. However, the uterine prolapse has returned and so I need to stay off my feet as much as possible until those muscles heal and things are back in their proper places. Nursing and snuggling the baby are good reasons to sit down. ;) I wish I could remember how long it took me to recover after having Tali. I had the same problem after she was born.

Amanda missed out on getting a picture with Julia because she started fussing before it was Amanda's turn. This was a picture I snapped in between taking photos of Julia. I had given her a bath and needed to detangle and condition her hair. It was two hours later by the time I got to it, so I skipped the detangling just conditioned and put it back into a bun. Detangling will have to be scheduled for another day.

The big girls are doing fine. They love their sister and let me know when she's crying and shout for joy when they see she's awake. They also swarm about her when I'm trying to nurse her. Amanda especially likes to hug and squeeze her and pet her head. I'm trying to figure out what to do with Amanda during nap time. She doesn't really need a nap, but I do. I've tried having her lay on the floor in my room and read quietly but she usually ends up "accidently" bumping and bed or floor which then keeps Ana awake too. This week, I've set her up with a special project like colors or paints and then I've laid down on the couch. That seems to be working pretty well. Soon, I will include doing a little bit of school with her before I lay down. I plan on just printing of coloring/writing sheets from Starfall.

The boys are doing fine for the most part too. They finished up their first semester in school. Tony did very well and Tyler has a fresh start with new classes. Last week, Tony was sick with a bad cold and stayed home for three days and then Tyler got mono. He went back to school today but I hope he takes it easy and rests. Resting is a foreign concept for that boy.

January always seems to be a rough month for us. Here's to better health in Feruary!

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