Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rabbit Hunting

I'm sure you've all been on pins and needles wondering what was happening with the bunny situation at our house...;)

Well, I ended up finding a rabbit for $20 with shipping and thought that was reasonable enough. However, I was disappointed to find out when it arrived that it was a rattle. I thought I'd give it a try anyway to see what Tali would think. She was sitting on the chair in the kitchen when I pulled out the new rabbit and held it up next to the old rabbit. Oh my sweetness!!! The look on her face was priceless. Her little mouth hung open in disbelief as she looked back and forth at the two bunnies. Then she reached out for the new bunny.

In the meantime, the two other little girls had inserted themselves between me and Tali and were now crying and clawing at me assuming that clearly Tali did not need two bunnies so the new bunny must be for one of them. Why did I not anticipate that reaction? Much crying and drama ensued after that. I don't care. It can't take away the memory of Tali's precious face. She happily carried around the new bunny the rest of the day. Amanda was appeased by the promise that I would order her another one and Ana carried around Tali's old bunny. I had found plenty of the bunny rattles for cheap enough so I knew we could get another one of those.

At bedtime, I hid the new bunny and gave Tali the old bunny because I wanted to wash the new one before she slept with it. That may have been my mistake because while she likes the new bunny, at bedtime, she still wants her old bunny.

So, now we have three bunnies floating around our house and bedtime always requires the search for the right bunny. Sigh. Not really what I had in mind but I'm going to blame my irrational bunny-losing-anxiety and seach on pregnancy hormones. I only have a couple more weeks (give or take) to use that excuse anyways. :)


Lynnette said...

Could you (or someone else handy with a needle and thread) open the back of the bunny, remove the rattle, and stitch it back closed?

Mike and Katie said...

Probably, but I don't think that why she rejects it. But that reminds me, I have another bunny who needs and arm stitched back on...Nah, I think I'll just go to bed instead.

e&e said...

When I washed one of Lydia's toys, the rattle inside died. Just FYI.

We are thinking of getting Sophia a back-up blankie. This is giving me some good thoughts about it.

Michelle said...

my grandmother solved this during our summer visitation by making a rule that my treasured Blankey could only stay in the bedroom. this kept it cleaner longer as well, plus it couldn't get misplaced. perhaps she could learn to sleep with the old bunny and play with the newer one?

snekcip said...

We had a similar scene this past weekend w/stuffed frogs instead! My grandson LOVES Bre's long-legged frog. Poor Froggy McFrog catches the blues as they tug back and forth over it. It no longer sings the tune "makes me wanna shout" but she loves it w/abandon. I knew my grandson would be here for over a week, so I had to FIND A FROG and quick!! I hit a JACKPOT when I found one completely clad in blue jeans! He absolutely loved it and clung to it the whole time while visiting!! No more fighting, crying or pulling Froggy MckFrog...there's a NEW FROG IN TOWN!! To ensure continued peace and happiness...we have resolved that Freddie Frog...stays at YaYa's house until he visits next time. That way no hurt feelings ensues when the grandson visits and realizes Freddie is 5hours away at home.

Glad to see the bunnies MULTIPLYING at your home and everyone is happy!!!

Love the snow picture!!! Priceless!!!

jodilee0123 said...

We have that here. Jada must have 'scratchy bun bun' and Jakob must have 'ribbon nunu'. They all have their names and the favorites always win. Sometimes, they have to go to work, though, and will come home in the morning, so the kids have to sleep with the back-ups. We have about 6 nunus and two bun buns. The fun we have!