Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Kind of Birthday Cake

Update: No strep. Just a virus. Thank God! I'm sorry is cost me a trip to the ER to find out but something about just having a baby makes one extra paranoid about stuff like that.

Here's some more photos and I'm heading the ER because I'm pretty sure I have strep throat. I wish I would have pulled myself together sooner to avoid the ER but I'm sure not up for waiting another night until the clinic opens. I'm sorry to the party guests who came yesterday to celebrate my birthday but I did say, "Come at your own risk."

The story behind the fruit and veggie cake in an email exchange with my mom:

How about if we come tomorrow with a birthday cake? Bonnie, Eliz, Tristen and Grammie and I?? Maybe not Grammie. Not sure yet. Could take kids skating tomorrow when it might be warmer. Sliding? Snow yet?
We are talking about coming today but day is already shot. Kids have day off from school and are happy at home.

Blessings to you on YOUR birthday!!

Tali and I are still sick and the baby's a little snuffly so there's likely a virus in the house. Come at your own risk. ;)

Birthday fruit and veggies would be preferable. I forgot to put tomatoes and eggs on the list when Mike went to the store yesterday. Especially with sickies needing good nutrition and not sugar.


Bonnie and kids would like to come. We will see how the day goes. Will bring as you requested.

I have tomatoes, eggs, broccoli, grapes but it is really hard to stick a candle in a grape. Considering that none of us need the sugar, but the occasional event is nice, can I bring an Island Cake with pineapple and oranges and cool whip frosting? I have not made it yet and will not if it really would be offensive to you.

Just asking if you think it would be ok since this is a big BIRTHDAY week!! I don’t need to bring it. Just asking…. I can bring fixins for spaghetti or just PBJ and fruit.

Spaghetti would be good! We have meat but no sauce or noodles. A candle in an orange would be much more my style. Please no cake. How lame is it if the birthday(s) girl can't eat cake? Hee, hee! I had two birthdays this week. :)


Very colorful photo!! May have to drill the hole first before trying to stick it in the orange.
See you about 10 am in the morning. Will bring snowboard and outdoor clothes. Can go outside for a hike while baby holding is going on inside.
Anxious to see how the girls are reacting to the new little sister. Grammie is coming, too, since we don’t have any huge plans for adventures.


Sami K. Absolutely said...

So very sweet! Happy Birthday! Have you already started the hunt for 4 little matching girls outfits? :)

Ashli said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you don't have strep, but at least they would have given you antibiotics to get rid of it. Hope the virus runs it's course quickly. Love the veggie "cake," what's the story behind it?

Mike and Katie said...

Actually, I have! I bought several dresses from hannah andersson on clearance last year. Same dress, in differnt colors and sizes. They were a bit large for this Christmas and would fit them better next year. I was able to find one in a smaller size for Julia on ebay. They will be adorable!

shasta said...

I have been meaning to comment since baby Julia arrived but just kept running out of time! Anyhow...Congratulations!! She is a beautiful girl...with a lovely name! I enjoyed reading your birth glad everything went well for you. 4 little are blessed! Congrats again!

Home Instead said...

Welcome Julia and Happy Birthday Katie. I'm glad you are all doing well. Precious little baby.

snekcip said...


*The photo of the girls watching Julia was hilarious. Their expressions looks as if they are thinking *uhhh Mom....what in the world do we do with "this"?*