Monday, January 23, 2012

Julia's Birth Story-Part Two

I forgot a few details in part one of this story. I'll probably go back and add them later but included them here for now. I'm getting these posted because I don't want to forget and many people haven't heard the story yet because got sick on Thursday and haven't been able to talk since then.

One of the things I had forgotten about was how the nurse I really liked, Mel, was scheduled to go off at 7:30 pm. I found this out about 6 or maybe 6:30 pm. I was very doubtful that I would deliver before she had to leave. Another nurse came in and introduced herself and mentioned the same thing. She said something about hoping I would get this party started before she was scheduled to get off.

The other thing was how my doctor had her five year old son with her when she came to check on me the first time. I think she must have told him to stay out in the hall but he kept peeking in around the curtain and eventually just came and stood near his mom. It was a while before she noticed him. I wondered how often he'd seen women in labor. The nurse offered to stay with him out in the hall but it was fine.

Shortly after Julia was born, I reposititioned her so she could nurse. She latched on right away and spent a long time nursing. Mike was busy texting and calling people. He kept asking me who he should call but my throat hurt and he could hardly hear me talk so often I didn't bother answering him. I tried to talk to a couple of people on the phone but Julia needed help staying latched on and you just can't tuck cell-phones into your shoulder and keep talking. We should have brought Mike's blue-tooth with us.

They left the IV in just to make sure I wasn't bleeding too much. I don't think the Pitocin was still dripping but I was still having those painful after contractions which were very much like most of my labor. Mike kept giving my snacks from the food I had packed. I was so happy when I realized that I could eat finally eat dinner.

Around 7:45, I finally gave up the baby to let her be weighed and finished being examined and measured. Mike logged into my Facebook and posted about her arrival. Julia was back in my arms nursing again. The nurse who had been so attentive to my birth plan mentioned how I stated that I wanted to be the one clean Julia up after delivery. She was encouraging me to get up and use the bathroom and hop into the tub and that I could bring her in there with me. I thought that was a really great idea. She disconnected the IV line but left the port in until they were convinced I was fine.

After I got in the tub, the nurse brought Julia to me. She offered me soap too, but part of the reason I wanted to wash her up was because I didn't want her scrubbed down with soap. It's my understanding that the white vernix is a good skin conditioner and protectant and is only scrubbed off for aesthetic reasons. I just wiped her down gently and then the nurse took her to get her bagged and tagged. ;) I finished up in the tub and got settled back in bed. Shortly the nurse came back and that Julia seemed like she wanted to nurse some more. I just chuckled. Of course she did. She ended up nursing almost non-stop for two hours.

Mike had the computer open and was going through some names. He started with the "A's." I told him to skip the "A's" because I wanted them each to have a different first initial for the little ones for labeling purposes. I told him my three preferences. I had come across Julia one night on a site that said that it was a Biblical word that meant soft curls. I liked name and thought it would actually fit Tali since she has soft little curls. My theory was that if this baby was born bald she would have curls like Tali and Tyler who were both bald. If she had hair, it would be straight like Tony's. Looking back at the pictures, Tali actually had only slightly less hair than Julia but memory is a fickle thing. Anyways, the meaning Mike found for Julia was soft, downy hair so that worked too.

He continued through the whole list of Biblical names. We narrowed it down to two that we were considering and then checked the social security site to see how popular they were. We were going for not-so-common yet easy to recognize and spell. By this point, I was pretty tired and really just wanted to sleep. Julia had finally dozed off too. "So it's going to be Julia?" "Yep." "Should I Facebook it and make it official?" "Yep." And then I went to sleep. I might have said, 'Thank goodness we don't have to pick a middle name too." All the little girls share my middle name. Of course, we started the tradition before we knew we'd end up with four little girls.

I had initially wanted Mike to stay the night in order to help with the baby. With Tali, the nurses were reluctant to take her because they were short staffed. However, Julia made it clear very quickly that she only wanted me. I've done this enough times to know that I don't really sleep anyways so I might as well be holding her. It was very comforting to just have Mike snoring in the room with me. The little miss nursed on and off until about 4 am and then she finally got sleepy and snoozed until I woke her at 7 am. That was her pattern in utero, too. Very active until about 4 am and then she would let me sleep.

I was kind of amazed by how long we were left alone in our room. With Tali, I was woken several times to have my vitals checked. It was around 5 am, before they came in again to check on us. Around 7 or 8 am the nurse said, "Dr. [Last name of my doctor] will be in to see you shortly. Needless to say I was a little surprised when her husband walked in. I had never met him before. He was pleasant enough and took care of signing our discharge papers so we'd be ready to leave that evening.

Around 9 am, Mike ran to the grocery store to bring me some more food. Then he headed home to be with the girls for the day. We planned to wait until Julia was 24 hours old in order to do the PKU test and then we'd go home. Mike could be home for naptime and bedtime for the little girls. Going to bed without your mama is hard enough. I hated for them to have another night of going to bed without dad too.

I had a pretty quiet day of just holding Julia and trying to rest. Around 2 pm, my friend Darla came to visit. She was there when Tali was born. She lives over by the hospital and we haven't gotten much time to see each other. Then I just spent more time nursing Julia and hanging out all by myself. Mike had taken the laptop home and I just have a pay-as-go phone so I don't use it for internet or texting. It was very weird to have quiet free time and not be on the computer. Julia wouldn't sleep laying down in her bassinet but she would sleep if I left her propped up in my bed. Then I could eat and take just one more nice bath in the big tub. :)

Mike arrived around 8 pm and by 9 pm we were on our way home with our precious cargo on the first sub-zero night of the season. It had also snowed a bit in the afternoon. Needless to say I was very happy that we made it home safe and sound. It was also nice to come home after the girls were in bed. The boys came up to see the baby and give me a hug. They just said she was small. I realized that while I had remembered to have Mike grab the bassinet and the diapers out of the girls rooms before they went to bed, I forget to have him grab blankets or clothes for Julia. It was a good thing we had a stash of clean diapers in the living room. Those were her blankets for the first night.

It's funny because even though we've done this six times now, after walking in the door and unpacking, I still had this thought, "Now, what I am supposed to do with this little thing?"


snekcip said...

OMG!! I just wrote the "what do I do..." comment on the other post. I hadn't even read this post yet! It was my comment the "girls thought" though!! TOO FUNNY!!!

e&e said...

You should clarify for those who won't know that your woman doc's husband is also a doctor.


that you use cloth diapers. I even forgot that for a second and pictured Julia covered in disposables.

I LOVE that last comment! Too funny...yeah, you're an adult now, Katie, and I have a feeling you will figure it out in the same beautiful way you've raised the rest of your brood.

By the way, while it has sunk in that YOU have four daughters, I think this is the first time it really hit me that Tyler and Tony have FOUR SISTERS.

Just remembering those earlier only-two-boys days...


Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha! Yes, I have stash of flat fold, cloth diapers that I don't like for diapers. I just use them to lay under the girls when I'm changing them. They were just the right size for wrapping Julia and they are working great for burp rags now.