Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sister Sweetness

Oh sure, there is lots of fighting and screaming and hitting and punching that goes on around here but why would I want to remember that stuff? So, of course, I only pull out the camera when they are being so sweet to each other and all is in harmony...at least for the moment.

My neighbor drove by one morning and then called me after she saw the little girls in the window. She said that they were so cute and that I had to snap a picture. I confessed that they were just in their mismatched p.j.'s and would be too embarrassed to post such a photo. But who I am I kidding. During the winter, they are usually dressed like this. If we leave the house, they are covered in warm clothes anyways.

I do dress them up for church. I tend to go with stretchy cotton knit clothing so I thought I would expand their wardrobe with these corduroy dresses that I found at the thrift stores. They are very cute on the hanger. Actually trying to put them on the girls was a bit of a challenge. Stretchy knit is good.

Amanda plays the part of the firstborn* very well. She is the leader and the director of activities. And sometimes the little girls are both happy and willing participants. Like on this night, when she suggested they read a story before bed. She has enough of the story memorized to actually do a pretty good job of holding their attention. So sweet!

Of course, Mom with the camera was a bit distracting. ;)

*Yes, I know Amanda isn't technically the first born, but for all practical purposes, she is my second first born.

On an unrelated note, Amanda can often be heard addressing me as "Mother." Apparently, we read a lot of stories where "Mother" is more common than "Mama" or "Mommy" or "Mom." It always makes me smile.


Kristi said...

I need to send the girls matching outfits! Will you email me there sizes

Nena said...

I for one, am glad to see that they are mismatched as much as mine :) To my embarassment, when we got to church for our older girls 1st Communion, I looked at Brooke and she was wearing cutoffs and a t-shirt. Whoops--but then I had forgotten the camera anyway so I guess I am the only one to remember! They are beauties no matter how they are dressed!

jodilee0123 said...

Wow! They sure are getting big! Crazy!
Adorable photo! My kids are always in their pjs! :0)

e&e said...

Does that mean Tony is your first youngest?

Mike and Katie said...

I'm not sure, Elisa. He seemed to be more affected by the middle child syndrome. We'll see how he turns out.