Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from the IRS

I knew we had gotten off too easy. Sure, our tax refund was a bit delayed and we wondered if it would ever arrive, but we did receive our full adoption tax refund last April. A wonderful blessing that we used to promptly payoff the amount we had refinanced for Christiana's adoption. I felt a little guilty because there were/are adoptive families in greater need whose refund was greatly delayed and some have yet to see the money. There were many horror stories of families being billed and fined and charged ridiculous amounts in error. I could hardly believe we had escaped unscathed.

Well, we didn't. Today in the mail among the lovely Christmas greeting cards was the dread IRS letter requesting more information because they were examining our return. Merry Christmas to us. And we need to get them all the information within 30 days of the date of the letter.

So, on a night when many parents are wrapping presents or baking cookies, I'm digging through the last five years of taxes and adoption paperwork trying to find proof that may be acceptable to the IRS that we did, in fact, spend as much money on adoptions as we claimed to.

Thankfully, Mike is off for the next three days so I can get it all put together to be mailed right away before everything gets lost in new baby oblivion. :)


snekcip said...

Oh wow!!! IRS sure know how to "TIS THE SEASON" or should I say "they sure know how to P-I-(double S) you off" during the Season"

Tammy said...

I am hoping we don't get anything. Our tax lady had us send in a few things when we did our taxes and we filed for both adoptions last year. We did get our refund with no problem but both adoptions together were under $1000 because they were through the foster care system.

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Well that STINKS! :(

Love the family photo above though :)

Merry Christmas!