Monday, January 10, 2011

Advent Babies

For my dear readers who are struggling with infertility, I am very sorry. I know how hard it is to feel like everyone else is having babies but you. I have often felt bad writing about my pregnancies because I know many of my readers joined the show because we were adopting and assumed to be infertile. Obviously, we are thrilled with our two little surprise babies, but I do feel a little like I got kicked out of club. But please know I am thinking about you!

As I mentioned in my last pregnancy post, I know 10 women who are expecting babies in the next month. The list is up to 13. For my own distraction and entertainment, I want to keep track of them all and when their babies arrive. I am blown away by the numbers and am so thrilled to be a part of this new club. :)

Here they are in order of approximate due dates:

Caitlin-second baby-my friend's oldest daughter-Dec 14-it's a boy. Cael was born Dec 16th!

Heidi-third baby-my cousin's sister-in-law-recovering from a head-on collision about 1 month and 1/2 ago-due Dec 15. Baby boy Samuel was born Dec 5th!

Heather-fifth baby-my neighbor-due Dec 23-it's a boy. Josiah was born on Dec 15th! I happen to have an OB appointment and got to see him when he was just a few hours old. So sweet!!!

Carrie-third baby-my other neighbor-due Dec 23. It's a boy! Mathias was born Dec 20th!

Jess-first baby-hoping the baby will arrive while the daddy is home on military leave-Mike's cousin-Dec 20-it's a girl. Jaylah was born December 19th! Daddy got home on the 18th. Perfect timing!

Amber-tenth baby-we do school with her on Tuesdays-hoping the baby will arrive with enough recovery time befor her oldest daughter's wedding on Jan 7th-it's a boy-due right around Christmas. Baby Nicholas Dec 17th!

Nikki-second baby-my cousin-It's a girl!-due right around Christmas. Aspen was born Dec 22.

Simone-fourth baby-first boy-Mike went to school with her and her husband-due right around Christmas. It's a boy! Damien was born Dec 21st.

Nicole-third baby- due Dec 29-she's been suffering with debilitating back pain-her other two girls are close to Amanda and Ana's ages. It's a girl! Mickey was born Dec 15th!

Danielle--the only woman I don't know in real life-a lovely blog reader with a similar fun mix of adopted and begotten children-due about Dec 28 th. It's a boy! Simon was born Dec 28th!

Angie-second baby-a friend from our old church-it's a boy-due January 10. Blake was born January 7th.

Molly-third baby-classmate from my hometown-due Janaury 10th. It's a boy! Still waiting to hear the name!

Me-fourth or sixth baby depending on who's counting-due January 12.

Other fun numbers: 10 babies due in the last two weeks of December, 6 babies of unknown genders, 5 babies due that live nearby, 5 expected boys, 4 babies expected to be delivered at the same hospital, 3 babies expected in our neighborhood, 3 babies that will be playmates when we move back to our hometown, 2 expected girls, 2 babies planning to be attended by the same doctor.

I think it's really fun and exciting and unusual to have so many friends expecting babies at the same time. It makes Christmas time very exciting indeed. I can't wait for the babies to start arriving! I'll keep updating this post as I receive the announcements of the little ones' arrivals. I wonder if I will hold my place on the list as the last one to deliver...

After Tali's arrival 12 days after my due date, I'm mentally preparing to be pregnant well into January.


Nena said...

curious if any are home births?

e&e said...

Yes, I prefer this club as well, though I know the pain of belonging to another, much-less-fun, much-more-pain club.

Just FYI,
Heidi had her BABY BOY Samuel last Monday. No C-section! This had been earlier discussed as a possibility because of the accident. She is slowly recovering, her body having gone through two traumatic events recently. But Sam is awesome and healthy and whole, and the family is VERY happy!


Mike and Katie said...

Yeah for Heidi! Good news!

No planned home births as far as I know, Nena. I'd like to birth at home but we never found a mid-wife close enough to make it work for us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
Our son, Simon, was born Dec. 28th. He's so sweet! We may not have asked for another baby right now, with so many young ones, but God definitely new best! The whole family is just thrilled. Daddy has next week off work so that's perfect timing as well. By the way, I love the pictures of your girls sitting in the window.
Your blog friend, Danielle

Mike and Katie said...

That's so awesome Danielle!!! That was my guess for your due date since you said you have 2 1/2 weeks left. Congrats! Simon is a great name! That the bummer about being last. So many great names getting used up. :)

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