Sunday, November 6, 2011

A New Park

These pictures are from several weeks ago and they are all out of order. We've been trying to squeeze in as much outdoor fun as we can before it gets too cold and I've been slow about processing the pictures.

This was a new park we visited with Mike a while age and the girls and I went back to take some pictures. Here's Amanda and Ana being silly. Ana started out by intentionally not looking at the camera and then turning quickly to smile and laugh. Amanda joined her in the goofiness.

The little girls enjoyed running up and down this little ramp. Such little things give them so much pleasure.

This park is right on the lake and so many of the trees were still very green and lush even though the ones at our house had lost all of their leaves. The pine trees looked especially lovely and soft. We don't have many pines near our house and these ones with the pinecone-laden branches were mesmerizing.

The park has fun climbing tree that Amanda bravely ventured up. Doesn't she look like a lizard sunning herself?

Here is the main reason we ventured to this park in the first place. During art class last year, Tyler designed and painted this tourist photo board. (I have know idea what they are called.) It was a big project and he had help with the painting but it was his design. He was proud of his work and we are proud of him too. Although he said he didn't sign it because "it wasn't really his style of art work." That would be Paul Bunyan, his wife and kid and Babe the Blue Ox. Paul Bunyan is a legendary lumberjack.

Ana wasn't quite tall enough.

This park was wonderfully designed for the age of our kids. It was accessible enough for little toddlers and without any slides of heart-stopping height or dangerous places out of view. It was nice to sit and relax while they went up and down the slides all by themselves. Tali even dove headfirst down the slides a couple of times but they were slow enough that she didn't do a face-plant at the end.

They really played well for a long time on this day. They day we had gone with Mike, it had been swarming with kids and the little girls just stayed close by us. I always enjoy watching my little girls be strong and adventurous.


Misty said...

Your girls are too cute. I love their big smiles.

Angels said...

They are so cool! It is very good that you have so beautiful parks... you can go for a walk with your children, it's my city there are only skyscrapers...

Davene Grace said...

When did Ana get so big?? All your girls are growing up so fast, but I especially notice the change in her. Wow! :)

I'm not sure I've ever seen pine branches with so many cones clustered on them; that's really interesting!