Saturday, November 5, 2011

More fun with Acorns

The sand box on the deck proved to be a bad idea. There was always sand in the house and I had to moniter them very closerly to make sure sand wasn't getting in the hair, mouths and eyes. Plus the pool would fill with water and then there would be a wet muddy mess.

We cleaned that all up and brought the kitchen up from the back yard. Then I put the leftover acorns in little containers in the kitchen for the girls to play with. These acorns were from red oaks and didn't peel as easily as the ones from a white oak tree. After painstakingly cracking about 2 cups worth to cook up, I put the rest outside. They are a fun sensory toy and not very messy.

We also added some leaves and sticks and other things from the woods the we collected on our walks. Amanda found some little white worms that came from inside some of the acorns. She was so fond of them and checked on them often. With the rest of the leaves, Amanda wanted to do craft projects and decided to paint them.

This is the craft project we had planned to do with the first batch of acorns we collected. Amanda painted the little hats. Then using a hot glue gun we glued the acorns back into the caps. Next we used a black paint pen to draw little faces. I drew some and Amanda drew some.

I still have a nice collection of double and triple acorn hats that we can paint and attach a ribbon to make them into Christmas ornaments. That might get done this year...

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