Monday, November 28, 2011

Have You Seen This Bunny?

I don't know how it happened. I have always prided myself on not having children who were attached to a certain lovey. I silently mocked parents who desperately searched for a lost animal or blanket before bed fearing the drama that would be unleashed if it were not found.

And then Tali came along. And for reason, at some point in time, she decided that she had to sleep with this little bunny. It was a gift to Amanda from Mike's brother. But Tali claimed it. She loves to finger and now chew on the little ribbon around the bunny's neck. It often stinks because of this and is very dirty around the bunny's neck. However, getting the bunny out of her grasp and washing it quickly before the next bedtime is very tricky.

Finally, I decided to hunt for a back-up. What I found were people selling these little bunnies for $25-$60. And they were used! Seriously? It was a bunny! Like a hundred other stuffed animals that have overtaken my house. I would have gotten rid of it in a heartbeat and almost did since it was white and not labeled as washable. (So far, it's held up to many washings.)

So, my hunt continues. If you've seen a little bunny like this, please let me know. It doesn't rattle or play music. It's just a soft bunny with little hearts and a silky ribbon around it's neck. While I would never put a price tag on my daughter's happiness, $10-15 seems much more reasonable to me. :)


Karen said...

My son had a "blue bunny" that he just loved (it embarrasses him now that he's 12 when we talk about it). :-)

snekcip said...

Wow....25 to 60 bucks!! That's crazy!!! I, personally have never seen one like that before, but you may luck up the closer it gets to Easter....well if Tali can wait that long.

Well we got another HOPPING lovey over at our house! My girl is head over heels in love with a long legged stuffed frog. She has named it Froggy McFrog. I bought it as a table decoration for her 3rd birthday which had a Princess an The Frog theme. She just loves that frog to pieces (literally). It "had" a grad cap, diploma and it sang "Make me wanna shout". She had loved on it so much that the "grad cap" is now gone, the diploma is dirty and frayed and it no longer sings and has remnants of bubblegum stuck to his person. Froggy McFrog can even be seen in professional pics with her.

I think some kids just get attached to things and some don't. My oldest son was another one that had a lovey. His was a little fuzzy stuff beanbag baby chick. He would "rub it under his nose" and walk That child loved that thing so much, he would not sleep without it!!

Eventually he outgrew it, but he laughs still when I still tease him about it sometimes saying "That was the first CHICK you fell in love with!!!

MarieHarmony said...

I will let you know If I find one! This one is cute but I know they never stay this way too long and their trip to the washing machine is always very difficult.
Have a good day!

Lynnette said...

When I opened your blog, Laura ran over to my computer gasping, "I want that cute bunny!" I hope you find one soon!

e&e said...

Where did Mike's bro get it from?

Mike and Katie said...

I'm not sure where the bunny came from. He gave it to her for her first Christmas which was four years ago. So maybe somebody with a four year old might have one.

Tammy said...

That is a really cute bunny but I have never seen one like that before.