Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flag Fun

When I was a little girl, my grandparents house was directly across the school from the middle school. (My mom and grandmother still live there but the school is gone now.) The high school marching band used to meet there during the summer and then march in the surrounding neighborhoods practicing. My cousins and I used to follow them along as they marched. When they stopped and rested, we stopped and rested. I wonder what those high schoolers thought of their grade school groupies. :)

Back at my grandparents house, there was a bucket behind the door in garage filled with old broom sticks with old sheets attached to them. We spent many hours copying the moves of the colorguard, twirling and tossing our flags into the air. Great summer outdoor fun!

Something insipred me to share the flag fun with my little girls last week. Maybe it was the silkies strewn all over the house.

The girls are still a little small and it was really windy. Oh, but what fun!

Some day we may upgrade to nicer poles but on this day I just used some branches from a fallen maple and tied the silkies to the branches. I made one for me too. :)

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Davene Grace said...

What a great idea!! Where's the picture of you with your silkie?? :)