Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Apparently it's National Adoption Month. I'm not sure what that means but I've been meaning to write this post for a while anyways. So why not for the last day of National Adoption Month. :)

This summer Amanda attended Vacation Bible School at the church near our home. She's been begging about going to school since watching Tyler get on the bus when she was three. She was very excited to go to "church school" until a day or two before it started. Then she asked, "Mom, will you come too?" She decided she didn't want to go if I wasn't going too. Love her! Mike went with and stayed with her the first day. On the second day, Tyler took her and stayed most of the time. On the third day, Tyler took her for a little bit and then I went to pick her up. She loved it and was really particpating and singing and dancing by the third day.

One of the days she brought home a little cross that she had made. It had the verse, John 3:16 on it. Some time after VBS, I sat down to read the verse and explain to her what it meant. "For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten Son..."


How do you explain "begotten" to a four year old? The only thing I could think of was comparing it to it's opposite which is "adoption." All of a sudden, John 3:16 took on a whole new meaning for me. Jesus was God's only begotten son but God has many sons and daughters. All the rest of his children were, are, have been, and will be adopted.

I love that idea and image and that our family reflects God's family; one filled with adopted and begotten children.

The infertility that brought us down the adoption road seemed like such a huge loss at the time but we have gained so much through the process of adoption. Our hearts, minds and understanding have been stretched so much more than if we hadn't felt that loss.

I also love that I have a new way of describing our family. So, the next time I have a conversation like this, I'll know what to say, "Amanda and Christiana were adopted and Talitha was begotten." :)


snekcip said...

November is recognized as National Adoption Awareness Month. It tries to bring focus to the need of many children in foster care. I as well had NEVER heard of it until recently. Adoption seems so far fetched for some and "yes, cost does discourage alot of people wishing to adopt. My own personal experience is a true testament. There are organizations and attorneys willing to help by defraying cost and some even PRO BONO. Families and individuals can contact their local legal aid and inquire.

Katie thanks for this post, this could be another one of God's vessels in bringing another child to their FOREVER FAMILIES.

I love your explanation of "begotten" to Amanda. I never thought of it that way. Truly beautiful.

Davene Grace said...

How funny that you just had this discussion because I had a similar one in my household! Josiah brought up the fact that really, Jesus isn't God's only son. No, I replied, there are many adopted sons and daughters of God, but Jesus IS God's only begotten Son. Our discussion was a little easier than yours, however, because at age 9, Josiah already knows something of the facts of life, so begotten was something he quickly grasped. Oh, the questions these little ones ask! ;-)