Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Singing Sweetness

While there is lots of crying, lots of yelling and lots of whining at our house, there's probably even more singing. And that makes it all worthwile.

In case you couldn't quite understand the words, she singing:

"God loves me, God loves me, in my Bible book it says that God loves me."

We have a Toddler Tunes VHS tape that the girls watch while I'm doing Ana's hair or when I just need a sanity break. I don't like to turn it on often because they have such a hard time when it needs to be turned off. Some of their other favorites are "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Deep and Wide," and "Ba, Ba, Black Sheep." They ask to sing them often throughout the day and if I start one song to distract them, (Or I just start singing because it's stuck in my head,) they start requesting other songs. Sometimes I feel like their personal listening device. "Sing the sheep song, Mom. No, the other sheep song. No, the OTHER sheep song."

We also sit down with our hymnal from church and find different songs to sing. They love the lively songs and they dance around and shake their shaker eggs. (Plastic eggs on a stick filled with beads that Mike bought at the music store.)

Such a lovely little chorus of voices!


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Aww, so precious. I love it.

I hope your pregnancy is going well Katie.

snekcip said...

Oh darn!! I can't view it at work! Gotta be sure and TUNE IN when I get home!! I can't wait to see it!!

The Henrys said...

How cute! My kids love to sing too. Deep and Wide is a big favorite around here:)

Tina Fisher said...

So very cute! Girls & I watched it three times. :)

By the third time I think I could totally understand anything she'd say. :)

Oh, they want to hear again!

snekcip said...

Oh this was the PERFECT dessert for me after dinner. How SWEET is this video. What a keepsake!! Love those "wittle" teeth!!!