Saturday, October 8, 2011


So, as requested, I took pictures of our chocolate-covered grasshopper project yesterday but out of love and consideration for my squeamish readers who do not want to see dead, roasted or chocolate-covered grasshoppers, I back dated the post so you have to click to go see them.

However, I don't want any one to miss reading Amanda's priceless reaction after she popped the first roasted and lightly salted grasshopper into her mouth,

"Mmmmm! Tastes like chicken!"

She couldn't figure out why I was laughing so hard. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. She ended up eating most of them plain and left only three to be covered in chocolate. Love that little girl!


Tammy said...

This is so gross but so awesome. What did your older boys think when they heard about this?

The Henrys said...

Wow! Amanda is lucky to have such a brave mom! I have major bug issues and don't think I could handle it:) It is such a neat learning experience though.

e&e said...

You are seriously the coolest mom, messy house and everything.


snekcip said...

any future request for choc covered ants maybe?!! Blechhhh! Just think, I was just "raising my eyebrows" when my girl (who thinks all bugs are soooo cute) ran behind a "hopping cricket" yelling "Go ahead baby....go find your momma"!! LOL!!! I was like "uhh Bre is a cricket darling"! Bre looking at me and saying in a hushed tone: Momma...don't say that..u gonna hurt his feelings!! I can only imagine what she would have done had she seen one eaten! She would probably be HOPPING MAD!!! :)

snekcip said...

BTW: thanks for the disclaimer, I would have been the one "clicking on the link" and probably redecorating my desk w/the contents of my stomach!! Barf!!!