Sunday, October 9, 2011

Owl Hat for Snekcip

Hi Snekcip,

I just saw these owl hats and other super cute animal hats at Children's Place. There's free shipping until Monday and Code D2F2011 should get you an additional 20 %.

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snekcip said...

Ok my earlier comment was "gobbled by google" I guess!!Thank you sooooo much! I opened up google reader and was like OMG!! I'm a celebrity!! LOL!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

I logged on to the link @ CP and gasped!! OMG!! How cute is that OWL hat and its her "two favorite colors in the whole world"!! Great for mom that its reasonably priced!! I mean have you seen what they charge for those little hats!! My oldest daughter always finds the cutest hats for my grandson, but it seems the owls are usually "boyish"! My baby girl LOVES owls and I managed to snag a cute "owl shirt" on ebay and she wears it practically the minute it comes out the wash!

I will have to "hide" this hat until it gets a little cooler here or else I'm gonna have a kid sporting a winter hat in 80degree weather!!

PS *now I can PROVE to my husband you bloggers really DO read and KNOW your readers!! LOL!!!