Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Tony!

Tony turns fifteen today! He will start driver's training in a couple of weeks. Initially he was pretty bummed about Tyler leaving for the military because Tyler gives him rides and stuff. That was until I reminded him that in one year HE will be driving and giving himself rides. And since Tyler won't be needing a vehicle, he will get the Jeep. Yeah, he's pretty happy about that.

My mom, grandma and Tristen came to celebrate yesterday. She brought a patriotic cake in honor of Columbus Day. Everybody loves singing "Happy Birthday."

The little girls enjoyed their cake.

I'm not sure if this was considered a birthday purchase or not but Mike and Tyler bought this new bow together and they've been sharing it.

They are working on their accuracy so they can go out hunting...if they don't lose all the arrows first.


snekcip said...

Happy 15th Birthday Tyler!!! Sending birthday wishes, a day of your favorite dishes, and extra servings of that cake, because it looks DELICIOUS!!! Enjoy YOUR day young man!!

BTW...My daughter shares your birthday as well! She is 22 today!!

Davene Grace said...

It's a good thing my boys are in bed...they would be so envious of that bow!! :)

An acquaintance of ours (the grandson of one of our friends) just recently shot a bear with a bow. He's much braver than I, let's just put it that way. ;-)

Good luck to your guys in their hunting expeditions!