Sunday, September 4, 2011

Park with Daddy

I'm thankful my girls have such strong healthy bodies and I'm even more thankful when they can use them for appropriate activites like climbing, jumping and sliding at the park. That is much better than climbing, jumping, and sliding on the couches, tables, stairs, and beds.

The weather has been cooler so going to the part is more enjoyable.

Tali is a pretty spunky do-it-myself-er. She kept trying to walk on the spinning merry-go-round.

Then when she was done she asked, "Hup?" Which is her adorable combination of "help" and "up."

Tali's not the only one who keeps Daddy on his toes wanting to do things herself. Amanda was able to turn herself around and climb down the oppposite side of this climbing structure.

I was pretty shocked to find out that Christiana was able to swing by herself this year. She just seems so young! She enjoys a good push from her sister though. Amanda also learned how to pump herself on the swing this year as well.

Thanks for taking us to the park, Daddy!


Kristi said...

wow!! they are soooo big!!

Our Typical Life said...


Lynnette said...

I love cooler park days where we don't all come home soaked with sweat!

jodilee0123 said...

Great pics! The girls are all getting so big!!! AND are all so beautiful! :0)

Misty said...

Cute pictures. I love christina's smile. Just is your baby bump?