Friday, September 2, 2011

Little Grammy's Big Apple Adventure

Two years ago, my grandmother was very ill. The doctors and nurses thought she was going to die. They told us to call the family together to say our goodbyes. My aunt, who is a nun, received special permission to travel to come and see her. We didn't think she would live until her 90th birthday.

She fooled us all! She is now nearing her 92nd birthday and just last week, she hopped on a plane and traveled to New York to visit Sr. Maria.

She was accompanied by my mom, my sister and my two nephews. Grammy and my mom stayed at the convent in an area separate from the nuns and my sister and her boys stayed in a nearby hotel. It was a wonderful time for Grammy to visit with her daughter since she couldn't remember Sr. Maria's visit from when she was so ill.

They had also planned to drive down to Washington to see Grammy's brother, but with hurricane Irene, they needed to cut their trip short. It was pretty chaotic and stressful trying to get flights out of New York, but thanks to the hard work and sleepless night spent by my sister, they made it back to Minnesota before the storm hit.

I'm thankful for God's protection for them on their trip and thankful each precious day Grammy gets to be apart of our lives and make memories with us.

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Davene Grace said...

What a special lady! And what a blessing for her to not only recover physically, but also to be able to make this trip. Memory-making for ALL involved, I'm sure!! :)