Thursday, September 15, 2011

July 24-The New Due Date

We are expecting again. (Besides Baby #6 in January.)

Only this time we won't be adding a family member.

We will be saying "good-bye" to one.

July 24 is the day we will be traveling to Fargo to drop off our firstborn son for boot camp.

Eeeek! Wow! Yeah! Yikes! Phew!

It's true. Last week, Tyler signed enlistment papers for the Navy and this week he traveled to Fargo for his MEPS. That's the physical exam process that determines if he's able-bodied enough to serve. What do you know, he is.

For many reasons, I never expected this to be the path he would travel down but in so many ways it makes sense for him. I'm glad he has a plan for after high school. He hasn't been really committed to the acedemic life and he's definitely more of thrill-seeker. he's been a challenge to parent but perhaps really suited for military life. He seems to really need structure and some one challenging him.

He did really well on their entrance exam and they initially wanted him to consider the nuclear engineering program. We were somewhat shocked but really we know he's a smart kid, he just has trouble focusing and doing the hard, mundane work. However, he ended up in the wrong math class last year and instead of moving him, they kept pushing him through even though it was obvious he wasn't getting the concepts. He ended up failing the last quarter and not to mention wasting year not building a math foundation but floudering in a class way above his head.

But that is neither here nor there. He still has his pick of top jobs because of his good score and because he signed up early in the year. He's signed up to do some kind of electrical engineering technical work. I'm sort of glad the nuclear engineering thing passed because,well, nuclear energy is scary stuff. Yes, I was more concerned about him being injured in a nuclear accident after his time in the military than during the time he's actually in the military. Whatever, don't judge me. :)

Much like expecting a baby, I feel like there are still many more months to get through and things could change, but the other night when he was in Fargo, I began to really think about what it was going to like to not have him around. To not talk to him and see him everyday. To have some one else be responsible for him.

I just take things one day at a time. With all my kids. There's no other way to do it. We have no idea what the future holds for any of them.

But my cousin is right. My life is weird. :)


snekcip said...

Congratulations Tyler!! Wishing you all the best as you proceed to a new and exciting future!!

Nena N said...

Wow, what a diverse life you guys live. Glad that he is finding his way into adulthood. I had to laugh when you wrote "to have someone else be responsible for him" cause it will most likely be him being responsible for him :) NOthing like having to send them out into the world and hope you've equipped him with the tools to flourish :) Hope you can enjoy your time with him :) AND really glad I'm not to that point yet!

Mike and Katie said...

Nena, I tend to think the person who is responsible for him is the one who's putting a roof over his head. I know he's probably not ready for that yet, so I'm glad the Navy's going to do it.

Tammy said...

This is when it is nice to have littles with big ones. The littles help to keep you busy and not dwell on the big ones getting ready to leave the nest. I like the weird comment. We are a little weird too.;)