Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Beach Take 5 with Photos

When we made our first attempt at the beach this year, we went back to my favorite beach from last year. However what worked with two basically immobile babies didn't not work for two toddlers. The rocky shoreline didn't allow for the toddlers to sit on the edge and play in the sand or wade in the water a little ways. So we went back to the beach with the playground. Here's the picture from last year. What I never considered was how all of the rain water from the parking lot washed down this driveway into the lake. There was a small drainage water area but much of that wash-out ended up in the lake.

They completed a huge water quality protection project at the beach this summer and it looks dramtically different. When I pulled up the first time, I couldn't really comprehend the change. I only thought, "Hmmm, something looks different." Now the water from the parking lot drains into this large rain garden.

There is now a dike that surrounds the beach keeping the rainwater from the parking lot and the large lawn from running into the lake. Nice! It's also gated and fenced off. Thankfully this little opening in the fence is just wide enough for the double jogger. See the pine tree? In the photo from last year the babies are sitting right next to it in the shade.

It was a big project and important for protecting the beach and lake.

Mike took us to the beach today which is why I was able to bring the camera too.

I was able to take Amanda out deep to practice some swimming. Then we played for a while on the playground and Amanda wanted to be buried in sand.

Did I ever explain about these yogurt cups? When we had the pool party for Christiana's birthday, the favorite toy was a plastic cup with holes in the bottom that had contained a potted plant. I started collecting our yogurt containers and used a wood burning tool to poke holes in the bottom. We have quite a collection now. I also bring a few without holes to carry water to rinse off Amanda's feet at the car. Once when I told Tony to save the container for a pool toy he said, "What are we poor or something?!" Obviously not, because look at all the yogurt we buy. :)

We know these 80 degree days aren't going to last so we're making the most of them. Mike was reading the forecast and Monday was supposed to have a high of 80 and then the rest of the week was only going to get to 60. Eeek! Am I ready for that? No way!


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

looks like you all had a great time Katie.

Davene Grace said...

Fun times! My favorite picture is of Mike in the water with a little girl in pink on either side of him. So sweet! :)

Ailmik said...

Your little girls are just adorable. I just love the bike I guess when the next baby arrives you will be able to wear the babe whilr you ride with the girls.

Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha, Ailmik! I have actually thought about babywearing while bike riding but I think that would be heavily frowned upon. ;)

My plan is to have Amanda ride her own bike, Ana will be able to ride the chaser and Tali and the new baby will ride in the buggy. The new baby will be about six months old by the time it's nice enough to get out and bike ride again.