Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Afternoon

The activity...

I only opened two pots of paint so once they were used up, they were done painting until next time.

The clean-up...

Yes, Tali's eating bubbles.

Amanda's trying to blow them not eat them.

What is it with kids and drinking pool/bath water? Gross!

They needed to come in and rinse off the soap and warm up in the bath tub but at least all the paint was washed off outside. I also managed to get three loads of laundry folded on the table just inside the patio door during this between breaking up fights, helping Tali down the slide and stirring up the water to make more bubbles.

These little tubs are so great because they keep the little girls in their own space and not bothering each other. They also warm up fast in the sun. We got them from our pony friends. They used to contain a mineral supplement for horses and ponies. Our pony friends used to get so many of these each year and they hated to just throw them away. They've been in our shed not being used for a few years just waiting for these days. ;)


jodilee0123 said...

I think it's funny how we rate an activity by how much we can get done and participate with the children! :0) Sometimes I just forget all the stuff to get done! ha! I did laundry yesterday too! (real laundry) Today is diaper day--and I've been slacking on that too--we are almost out!

Misty said... guys had a lot of fun. Look at all the smiles.

A Family of Love said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

snekcip said...

Love your ingenuity! I love the "painted toe nails"!!! grandsons LOVE drinking pool and bath water!!! *Jim Carrey GAG* Ewwwww