Sunday, August 14, 2011

On the Water

We finally took the boat out for the first time in two years. This picture was from before we launched the boat. I hate launching the boat. It always makes me nervous to watch the truck back up to the water's edge at the steep incline. We took two vehicles because all the carseats were in my van and the hitch is on the truck. We originally headed to one lake but turned around and drove west after seeing it was pouring rain in the east. We could see the rain falling in the east the whole time we were out on the lake. Despite the not-so-cheerful looking faces, the girls did have a good time.

I had anticipated fussing from Ana because it was a new situation and I thought Tali would be afraid of the motor. There was a good possibility both girls would complain about the life jackets. I had no worries about Amanda. I knew she would have a good time. But nobody fussed.

We started out just using the trolling motor which is almost silent. Tali sat up on Mike's lap while he drove. Ana sat on my lap and Amanda stood and "fished" with a pole rigged with just a bobber. She really wanted to catch fish but we weren't going to try it with the little girls in the boat too.

Since the girls were doing so well, Mike gave the motor a try. After a few tries, there was lots of cheering when it finally started. There was still no fussing and plenty of smiles from the little girls. All in all it was a good trip. We ate a snack in the boat in the shade at the boat landing after pulling it out of the water.

Mike took the boat out again today with just Amanda and Tony. Tony drove the trolling motor while Mike helped Amanda fish. Amanda had fun on her first fishing adventure and they caught lots of little fish.

Mike talked me into clearing out the garage so he could store the boat in there. He promised it will get used more often if he doesn't need to uncover it each time. You know, I plan to hold him to that promise. :)


Davene Grace said...

Hey, Katie! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog!!!

My antibody screen was negative - praise God! :)

A Family of Love said...

Sounds like us but I know our boat hasn't been out in 3 or more years. Scott tried getting Matthew out fishing before we started our remodel but an hour before they went, it started pouring rain.