Thursday, September 8, 2011

Misc. Pictures for You

The sun is no longer strong enough to warm up the pool on the back deck so we needed a new activity to do on hot afternoons when we wanted to be in the shade. We set out with a blue tub, shovels and a wagon and went to the areas of wash-outs where there was soft sand on the road edge. It's not much sand but they've enjoyed it and I've experienced enough to decide that we need another back deck activity. Amanda and Ana wear their Lycra swim caps to keep the sand out of their hair. Of course, when the hat falls off for some reason and they use their sandy hands to replace the cap, it defeats the purpose.

The blackberries have been amazing this year. We just walk along our road and find them in the ditches. We've got some in the freezer but most of them we just eat right away. We found a nice little patch along the bike trail too. It's so addicting. I can't resist picking them if I see them. I'm glad their pretty much done because my arms and legs are so scratched up.

Everybody is so excited for food co-op day. Once a month, we get bulk items and produce from UNFI. It's my favorite day of the month.

Mike has to bring home some kind of music maker whenever he stops by the music store with Amanda.

Our three-kid solution for bike rides. Amanda can ride her own bike and I can pull the trailer but my mom brought the chaser and this is the only way for me to take Amanda out on the chaser. Plus, Amanda thinks it's awesome that she's "pulling" the babies. This picture was taken pre-nausea and the train was put away for most of the summer. Now that it's cooler we've taken it out more often. Last weekend we took it out on the bike trail and I pulled while Mike rollerbladed. Next time we'll switch. I wonder which activity is more work.

Sweet Craigslist find for $20. We've taken it to the beach three times now. I can roll it right down to the shore and rinse the girls off and wrap them in their towels. A super solution to the sand problem. It's also so much easier to push on our gravel roads. I no longer cringe when I hear the grader going by considering what a nightmare it is to push to Duo-Glider through soft gravel.

"Daddy's sippy cups."

I think that clears my camera card of the random pictures I wanted to share will you all. The little tidbits that make me smile.

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Lynnette said...

I'm having some sippy cup envy over Mike's cups!