Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Today is Tyler's 17th birthday. Or, as Mike put it, the first day of his last year of being a kid.

My mom came yesterday with a couple of cousins and Grammy to celebrate Tyler and Amanda's birthdays. It was raining so we sat in the garage while the little kids played with umbrellas and rode bikes in the rain. It was so funny because Grammy kept saying, "Come back inside our you're going to get all wet." We didn't care and they didn't care so they got really wet and had a blast.

My mom brought the cake and the cartoon candle that was probably a leftover from another cousin's birthday. Amanda thought it was a toy and played with it the rest of the day including tossing it around the living room and bringing it outside to play. I'm sure my mom was hoping to put it on my brother-in-law's cake next week but, you know, wax candles just aren't very durable. :)

Today we invited some neighbors over for a swim party, dinner and cake and ice cream. I made dinner and our neighbor made the cake and brought the ice cream. There were nine little kids in various pools and tubs on our little 10x12 deck. It was fun! Tyler and Amanda blew out the candles together again. Amanda's friends all went home to go to bed and Tyler's friends showed up and we ordered pizza. It's unlikely they will go to bed anytime soon...

Toddlers and teenagers...it's never boring! :)


e&e said...

Did you ever think, on this night, seventeen years ago, that one day you would be celebrating his 17th birthday surrounded by a second teenage son, a preschooler, two toddlers, and one on the way, all still married to Mike?

Isn't life so big and grand sometimes?

Wish I could have been there today...happy I was there this day 17 years ago...


P.S. One more think to ponder...and weren't you 17 years on this day 17 years ago? Wow...your life is so different now in innumerable ways...LOVE YOU!

snekcip said...

Awww Happy Belated Birthday Tyler! My brother's bday was also on y'day!