Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

On our children's birthdays, Mike and I often reminisce about what we went through together on that big day. After wishing Amanda a "Happy Birthday" this morning, I turned to Mike, hugged him and instinctively tried to recall a memory from her birthday. But there are none. We had no idea she was being born or that we would be or had been chosen to be her forever family. We didn't find that out until a week later. I guess that's why it's important to celebrate Gotcha Day with her so we can remember all the work, feelings and emotions that led up to the first day we met Amanda.

Amanda is very happy to finally be four. She asked if we were having another party today and I told her that we were going to church. She asked if there would be cake. I said that I hoped so. There was cake and the congregation sang her "Happy Birthday." So, it was a good celebration.

After the little girls were in bed for the night, we headed over to our neighbor's house to take pictures in her lovely garden. Their new little kitten stole the show. Amanda just loves that little kitty. When they first got her, Amanda would talk about how she was going to go over to their house and take their kitty from them. She had a great time playing with the kitty while I took pictures.

Everybody loves Amanda's curls!

After all that fun with the kitty, we had to go say, "Hi" to their dog, Jack, too.

It's been a fun week of birthday celebrating. It started with shared parties on Monday and Tuesday with Tyler. On Friday night, Mike took her mini-golfing. She got a hole-in-one. There could have been pictures but Mike and Tony were just too shocked. :) Then today during naptime for me and the little girls, Mike took her to get ice cream with Tony.

Happy Fourth Birthday, Amanda Bear! We love you so much and are happy you are "growing up bigger!"


jodilee0123 said...

Happy Birthday to both Amanda and Tyler! I really am behind! :0) Glad you are feeling better!!!!

mama said...

Wow, Amanda is 4, I have a hard time believing that. Happy Birthday sweet girl.
Katie, I just want to thank you for sharing your sweet family with me. It is such a blessing to know you guys even if it's only via blogland.

Davene Grace said...

Happy birthday, Amanda! You're a beautiful little girl, and four is such a special age. :)

I especially like the picture of the kitten pulling her curl. :)

snekcip said...

Happy 4th Birthday Amanda!! You are gorgeous!! The pictures are just precious and that little kitty!! I see you had a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!

Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Amamda Bear you are gorgeous.

Katie, I love the curls.