Thursday, August 18, 2011


On August 5th, we found this big guy on some milkweed, brought him home and continued to feed him fresh milkweed.

On August 8th, he formed this chrysalis or cocoon. Amanda kept calling it a racoon.

This morning, I notice the chrysalis had become translucent and knew the butterfly would be emerging soon.

When we got up after naps, this was what we found. The butterfly had emerged and was hanging from the empty shell.

I helped him out of the jar and onto a spot on the deck where he continued to hang until he disappeared.

It was the perfect day to witness such a miracle of nature and such beauty. The magic of a butterfly's transformation never gets old.


Sheri said...

How neat/beautiful/fun/miraculous! We purchased a cocoon supposedly with a growing butterfly inside from our State Fair (the great MN get-together ;) ) a few years ago and nothing ever happened :(

snekcip said...

Ewww! That first pic just gave me the creeps! Just because I adore your blog, I got thru it though! LOL!! That last pic is excuse me as I hurry and log off before that "caterpillar" thingy creeps me out again!! Yuck!!

Mike and Katie said...

Oh Snekcip, you made me laugh! So you're saying you don't want to see the video I took of that adorable little caterpillar munching away on his leaf? :)