Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Beach

I took all three little girls to the beach today. I had help. Another mom and her three older boys ages 10, 12, 14. Oh yeah, it took all of us.

It was not very much fun.

The boys had a great time swimming. They seem like really great brothers.

Amanda tried out some new floaty things that the boys blew up for her.

Ana was relatively content in one of those baby float things.

Tali eventually calmed down and was content sitting on my lap on a loungy floaty.

The little girls grew tired of the water long before Amanda was done swimming.

Tali loved playing in the sand. She spent a long time just filling a bucket one handful at a time.

Amanda found a cute little plastic turtle and learned to build sand castles.

Feeding the girls with sandy hands was not very appealing. They didn't seem to mind.

Getting them in the car with as little sand as possible proved to be quite a challenge.

I think we'll stick to the back deck pools and on occasion taking Amanda by herself while the little girls stay home. I took her out last Sunday and it was fun. It will be more fun with the newly inflated floaties.

Have I mentioned I'm feeling better? Almost normal. It great that I have a little bit of summer left to enjoy without the overwhelming cloud of nausea.


Lynnette said...

On the rare occasion that I take our kids to a beach (umm...twice I think), I take a couple big cups of water along to wash their legs and arms off with as they're getting in the van. Then I have them sit on towels in their carseats on the way home. And I could tell you that, once we get home, I carry the kids from the van and deposit them directly in the bathtub, but then I might sound a little crazy.

The Jessie James Gang said...

Here in Florida we just have to embrace the sand in the car thing for the six months+ of summer. It is a necessary evil. Drove me crazy at first, but now I hardly even try.

Ashli said...

Here is a tip for de-sanding children: Baby powder! Just sprinkle it on wet, sandy hands, feet and legs, it will just brush off. It has been a lifesaver for us. One of the best tips I've ever gotten.

snekcip said...

No pics!!! Ack!!! You owe us!! (smile)

Thx Ashli for the tip! We are heading to the beach next month and I was hyperventilating about the sand covered kiddos! We will have a 1,2,3,4yr old! Yep...we are nuts!

Tina Fisher said...

You are brave! I am not a beach fan myself, so I know how much "fun" it probably was. You are a good mom!!

Mike and Katie said...

Pictures? Hahahahahah! You're funny! If I can ever got Mike to the beach maybe there could be pictures.

I'll have to pack the baby powder and a bucket for foot washing in the van with all the floaties. We had a bunch of little yogurt tubs but they all had little holes in the bottoms because the girls like to play with them that way in the pool at home.

I did end up carrying the little girls from the water to the van. It wasn't far to walk but very hard on my back.

Thans for all the tips! :)