Thursday, July 21, 2011

TMI-Considered Yourself Warned

I think it's funny or odd or whatever that I consider the following too much information but have no problem posting pictures of me breastfeeding with a supplementor or writing my birth story. But I know many of you care about me and I couldn't just write, "I'm having issues," not disclose what they are and not have many of you worried. So...

At about this point in my pregnancy with Tali, 14-16 weeks, my uterus prolapsed. That means it dropped very, uncomfortably and alarmingly low. Like, "could it fall out?" low. I panicked and got to the doctor as quick as posssible after reading alarming information on the internet, of course. My doctor was so great and relaxed about it. She said it was common and would get better as my pregnancy progressed. Laying down in a position that would use gravity to move things back into place was the only treatment. It got better sometime before nineteen weeks, right after my aunt who was a nun prayed over my belly. Seriously, the next day it was fine.

So when it started happening again, I wasn't too concerned. I didn't do as much laying around because I thought it was just annoying and not really a problem. Until I woke up Wednesday morning and was not able to urinate. Yeah, not cool.

With great difficulty, I was able to finally get some relief but was pretty freaked out. Thankfullly it was a day when Mike was working nearby and our house helper was due to come at 8 am. Tyler didn't have to work until later so Mike woke him up to drive me while he stayed with the little girls. Amanda was also scheduled for a dental appointment at 10 am.

I even felt awkward explaining to Tyler the problem. He was so great!

I had him take me right to the ER. It was 7:30 am so I didn't think the clinic would be open, plus not being able to pee is a pretty big emergency to me.

Good grief! Do they work slow as molasses in the ER! Sheesh! Hello! Woman with a full bladder here! Finally after much dawdling and inspecting, the nurse taught me how to self-catheter so that when I have issues at home, I could take care of it myself. Her expectations were that I would need use a catheter everytime I needed to urinate. After the fact, no after being left in the room another hour waiting, I was thankful, things were better and I could go on my own. How in the world would I have time to use a cath. each time I needed to pee?

They had trouble finding the heart beat again so they went to go find the ultrasound machine. I'm left in the room for at least fifteen minutes as they go get each item them need. Unable to eat, nauseous, and miserable. When she did the ultrasound she was concerned about the fluid being low and wanted to send me over to the clinic for a better ultrasound to check. And then she left the room again...

By this time my blood sugar is really low, which means my nausea is cranking up and my anxiety is through the roof. I started worry about Tyler sitting in the waiting room and hadn't had any breakfast and didn't know what was going on. I worried about the little girls at home, having to be left with our help when Mike needed to leave to take Amanda to her appointment, I worried about how difficult it was going to be to recover from this blood sugar dive. It easily spirals out of control if I don't eat regularily. I was not worried about the little baby in my belly. Well, not too much. But I knew that no matter what, the littlest member of my family was in the safest place possible at that moment.

Finally, I got some information that the only treatment for low fluid is bedrest which I needed to do for the prolapse anyways. They brought me coffee and Zolfran and sent Tyler some food from the cafeteria. They were still waiting for calls back from the doctor and radiology. They had worked through a list of doctors who could help and no one was around. I told them to have them call me at home to make the appointments. I was just anxious to get home at this point and get the nausea under control.

Then they told me a Code Green was coming in. Everyone started moving fast at this point. I don't know what a Code Green is but I thought it was a good time to get out of there fast. Too late. At this point, I began to feel like a hostage. I "couldn't" leave until the doctor, then nurse signed off. I did get dressed and go out into the waiting room with Tyler to eat the salads I had brought and share some of his breakfast. Most of his breakfast we brought home to the little girls.

Well, the Code Green was a man who was knocks off his friend's roof by a falling chimney which then landed on him. Not good! I prayed for him and his friends and family while we waited. They were very distressed. Obviously!

Another 1/2 hour later and we were on our way home with supplies and instructions and appointments scheduled.

So, nothing to do but lay around at home. Ha, ha! I email my doctor and she told me not to be concerned about the fluid, but it was good to get it checked. The ER doctor had already spoken to her and shared the story. Thankfully, I haven't had any more urinary issues and have help scheduled to come. The little girls did fine. Amanda did great at her appointment. The nausea is managed...for the most part.

On the way home, I remembered how during our infertility, when pregnant women would complain about there pregnancy problems, I used to think, "Gee, sounds like a nice problem to have."

There's nothing nice about any problems during pregnancy. Forgive me for ever thinking such a thing.


studynsew said...

my oh my sounds like you had quite the morning... i'll be praying for the rest of your pregnancy :D

Tammy said...

Praying the rest of your pregnancy goes smooth and you and your baby will stay healthy.

snekcip said...

Oh my! It sounds like you had quite a day y'day. Praying that all is better for you today!

Davene Grace said...

It's been fun tonight to catch up some on your blog. Whew, you've had a lot going on!

I'm so very excited for you that you've been given the gift of another child!!! I love reading all of your posts about pregnancy--even if they do contain TMI. ;-) But there is one piece of info I was hoping to discover, but couldn't. Did you get the results back from your blood test to see if you've produced antibodies because of being rh-negative?

I had blood drawn for that on Friday and should hear the results tomorrow. You can imagine that my heart will beat a little more quickly when the phone rings tomorrow. :)

Mike and Katie said...


The Rh negative antibody screen came back negative. Hopefully your will too.


BreastFeeding Top Shop said...

This whole situation must have been difficult. Just reading it I was getting concerned but good thing everything worked out and that you and the baby are ok. I can't imagine having to use a catheter every time I needed to go to the restroom.