Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last year we had quite a bit of drama because Amanda was terrified of anything that buzzed near her head. This year it's Tali who's afraid of things that fly. That extends to things that look like things that fly. On the way to church this morning, Tali was fussing and crying. I looked over and saw her looking terrified while staring at the ceiling of the van. Tony's MP3 player was reflecting a butterfly-shaped light onto the ceiling of the van. It was pretty funny but I had him flip it over so she wasn't fussing.

She's also been concerned about the pool water reflecting on the garage ceiling made even more alarming when she walks in front of it and causes a shadow.

But the funniest Tali fear happened when she discovered her shadow. She was trying to come sit by me but her shadow was between me and her. She finally climbed up on my lawn chair and thought she was safe. After a while she got back down and wandered back to the pool. Then she turned around to see me again and there was her shadow. This happened repeatedly. It made me laugh but was really concerned. Love this age!


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I am afraid of my shawdow and all things that buzz. Talia's tales are just that more adorable.

I love this age as well.


snekcip said...

Too funny! You gotta capture this on video!!! Belated birthday wishes to Christiana!!