Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All good things...

Must come to an end.

Here's my sweet little baby early in the morning clutching her bedtime bunny and blanket. This was Sunday. The last day she nursed. :( I figured the end was close. My milk has been dwindling and sometimes I wouldn't even feel a let down. She did her best to keep nursing as long as possible but it's been a little frustrating for her lately. It's too bad. Nursing was such a great way to cheer her up or keep her busy. I would have loved to nurse her through my pregnancy and tandem nursed the two babes. It was not meant to be.

Even though she received the most breastmilk overall, she was "breastfed" the shortest of my girls. Amanda nursed with the supplementor until 18 months and Ana was getting pumped milk right up until 21 months. Tali is 17 months.

Tali has really been growing up these last few months. She has become a very spunky little toddler, no longer complacently accepting all of her sisters advances and infringements on toys and space. She has also become very verbal and repeats so many words, sounds and gestures. I wish I remembered to sign more because she copies them very easily. All the girls do. It's so much fun...most of the time. ;)


snekcip said...

....and look at all those teeth!! She is too precious!! I so remember by "nursing days" and my son nursed the longest. I love the bond nursing creates btwn child/mother.

Tammy said...

She is cute. It is sad how fast they grow but yet some days it seems they don't grow fast enough.:)