Saturday, July 2, 2011

12 Weeks

Yesterday was my first OB visit. I waited until the last minute (week 11) to call to get in for an appointment. At which time they informed me that I was expected to come in and take a pregnancy test and have a visit with an intake nurse before they would even schedule a visit with my doctor. I said, "Yeah, that's not going to happen. There's no way I'm driving all the way over there, paying for a pregnancy test, and not even getting to see my doctor." Then I left a message for my doctor and started trying to find a midwife again.

I was already pretty stressed about getting any OB appointments because Mike's really the only one I'm comfortable with leaving the girls with and since he's gone twice a week to his other store, I hate to ask him to take more time off from his store here. Plus with driving and waiting around it ends up being at least a three hour adventure- for a 15 minute visit. Ugh!

The next day some one called me back and schedule my nurse's visit and first OB on the same day without doing the test. Yeah! And since my doctor had decided to work on a day that she had previously scheduled off, I was able to get in on week 12.

So yesterday was the day. I took Tali with me because Mike's still a little nervous to be in charge of all three little girls. She was so sweet. The nurses visit was a total waste of time. It could really have been done over the phone. More waiting and we finally saw the doctor.

I love my doctor. She's so great! We discussed my care and what things were imperative and what things I could opt out of. We talked about how coffee has really been helping with the morning sickness. When I researched it, I found that the caffeine in coffee stimulates (in a round about way) the liver to release stored glycogen. Which means sugar gets right into my blood stream and I can function. Where as, when I eat something sweat, my pancreas is stimulated to produce insulin which cause my overall blood sugar to drop making things worse. She said that made sense and that she thought a couple of cups of coffee a day were fine.

Then it was time to hear the heart beat. I was so thrilled. Tali was worried. She didn't like me laying on the table or the sound of the doppler machine. She was sitting up on my chest. My doctor was moving the doppler around on my very full bladder. I kept waiting to hear that loud, fast, little beating heart. But instead we just kept hearing the deeper, slower beat that I knew was my own. She asked if my uterus was tipped back. I couldn't remember. She asked if we had trouble hearing Tali's heart beat. The first time I saw her with Tali was to find out how far along I was so we had done an ultrasound. She just wasn't finding it.


Then she asked it I wanted to do an ultrasound. My first thought was, "Ugh! That's $200 dollars!" I wasn't going to do any ultrasounds because they were so expensive. But, yeah, can imagine me coming home and telling, well anybody who cares about me, "The doctor couldn't find the heartbeat but I'm sure it's fine." So I told her, "Yes."

My mind is racing as I'm laying there on the table with Tali on my chest. "What if I'm not really pregnant? And I threw that big stink about refusing to take the test. Is that why they make you take it? So then the doctor doesn't have to be the one to break the news to you? What happens if there is no heartbeat? Maybe that coffee wasn't such a great idea."

I laid there for what seemed like a really long time, with about 25 lbs of Tali on my chest and a very full bladder.

Finally the doctor came back and she could see the baby and it's heart beat but it wasn't moving. She said she usually likes to see movement too. More rolling around on my bladder. Finally Tali started crying because she had just had enough. That little baby jumped and flipped and turned and kicked. What a relief! Mike said that the poor thing was just napping. It finally had some peace and quiet. :) Mike also said he was glad common sense prevailed and I agreed to the ultra sound.


Muliebrity said...

Love that Mike and his common sense!

Tammy said...

I am glad the new baby is looking good! Congrats!

Danielle said...

I breathed a sigh of relief for you after reading that post. I went through that once at my 20 wk apt and there was no heartbeat. It's a terrible feeling. I'm so glad he/she is OK!

Nena said...

Glad you got to skip the pregnancy test--and glad you got to see the baby :)
Hope your morning sickness is better soon!!

snekcip said...

The little peanut probably thought "Geesh, can a person sleep already"!!! Glad to see the appt went well...especailly with a little one in tow!! Great job Tali!!

Home Instead said...

Glad your appointment went well and you baby is great! Good tip about the coffee, I never heard of that before. I'll store in my memory bank...just in case. Thanks

Tina Fisher said...

Congratulations!!! ;)

I knew there were so many good reason for my monring coffee....oh and then afternoon cup too! :)