Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Day...

"Mom, there's a present for you! Outside the door! Should I go get it?"

Hmmm. I can't remember ordering anything.

"Sure, honey. Go get it."

She struggles to carry the medium-sized box up the stairs to me. I look at the return address and don't recognize the name, "VS." I open the box. Oh, that's what "VS" stands for. A well-known underwear company. You know, the pink store that you make your men look the other way when you walk by in the mall. I definitely did not order from them. Especially not $246 including the costs for overnight delivery.

I called my credit card company first.

"Are you sure your husband didn't order you something as a surprise?"

"It's not my size."


I called my husband next.

"No way!!!"

I called VS next. And wondered if my sons were some how involved.

"I see three orders were placed. One on the 20th, 21st and 22nd. Two went to an address in Wisconsin and one was shipped to you."

They also told me that I should cancel my credit card and call the local police to file the report. They were willing to give additional information such as the address of the criminal to the police. They also took care of the one charge that was shipped to me since I will be shipping it all back.

By this time the boys came up and heard the story.

"Yeah, there's no way dad was shopping at VS online."

I'm glad they have such confidence in their father's character...or manlyhood, I guess.

I canceled my card and called the local police. The officer was very helpful and surprised to hear that VS was willing to work with him. He said he often gets the brush off by these companies. He had a funny story about guessing the email address to the CEO of well-know cosmetics company. I definitely talked to the right guy. I had no idea how the police would view such an incident. He also gave me some advice about checking for any other credit problems.

I checked my credit report. For once, there were no errors or accounts or addresses that didn't belong to me. There was a funny misspelling though. For one of my former employers the word "Building" was spelled "Fulding." What does that even mean?

In conclusion, I'm very thankful that this person neglected to change the shipping address as being different than the billing address on yesterday's order. Apparently, my credit card company did not think $600 to VS was "suspicious" enough to call me about. Who knows how long it would be before I realized my card was being used elsewhere.

And I was surprised at my strong desire for the police to go knocking on this person's door and haul them off to jail. It sounds like my local police man would have been happy to do it but it's often an issue of jurisdiction and it's up to the police in Wisconsin to decide how and when to handle it.

Best piece of advice from the police man? Go to You can get one report from each of the three companies per year. If you choose one company every three months or so you can spread out your checks throughout the year. Plus your spouse has one check with each company per year and so you can get additional checks that way if you have joint accounts.

I'm wondering who pays for this kind of thing? VS? The credit card company? Some kind of insurance? Neither one of the companies seemed to care whether or not I filed a report with the police.

I bet you're wondering what was in the box...

2 yoga pants Size L
2 dresses Size XL
2 pair of sandals Size 9.5


His Hands His Feet Today said...

LOL! Oh no!!! I pray it gets cleared up asap. That made for a great story though :) hehe!

jodilee0123 said...

Craig had a charge once out of the country back in the day when internet shopping wasn't possible. It was kind of funny--only because it was taken care of. I hope it all works out.

snekcip said...

This is scary! One of my greatest fears is "identity theft"!! How these people seem to get you cc info is astounding to me. Glad to see they "dropped the ball" on this by not chg'g the address and things!

Mike and Katie said...

Yeah, that's the part the bothers me the most. Where did they get the information? How does some random woman in WI get my credit card and address etc? When I called VS, they knew who I was presumably by my home phone number that showed up on their caller id or whatever. I wonder if we'll ever find out. We'll have more contact with the police and both companies as this get sorted out.

Davene Grace said...

Whew! What a story! I'm so glad it wasn't worse, but like you, I hope they catch the "bad guy" and enact justice!!