Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's All Relative

When I was pregnant with Tali, I was so sick all the time so I would often lay on the mattress in Amanda's room while she played with these little animals and people. I would open my eyes and be covered with snakes, bugs and various other little animals. Once the babies started crawling the little animals were put away.

Now that the babies are bigger, the little toys have come back out. I haven't been feeling nearly as sick this time around and have found that sipping coffee throughout the day helps. (I have about 2 cups a day. The 10-12 cup range is when there are concerns.) But still some days are really bad and I feel awful.

Today was one of those days. I was laying on the couch and Amanda had perched one of the house halves on my stomach and was playing. I was marveling at the growth of her vocabulary and imaginative play since those days when I was pregnant with Tali. I could hardly believe how fast the time had gone by. I am in awe of the amazing little girl Amanda has become. I said to her, "Can you believe you're almost four?!"

She spent the rest of the day looking at the clock asking if she was four yet.

I guess when you're almost four, almost means a few minutes. When you're thirty-four it means two months. :)


Chasing Rainbow said... her.

mama said...

the joy of swinging and trying to touch the clouds with your toes. Big congrats to Amanda for learning to soar.

And big congrats to Tyler for getting his driver's license.

snekcip said...

It's amazing how much their vocabulary increases by leaps and bounds by the age of four! My 4yr old (who's bday was in March) told me the other day. Mom, are we gonna be shopping much longer, I'm tired....I had a long day!!! I need my rest ya know!! hahahahahaha!! Oh your gonna LOVE the 4yr old phase! I'm loving it!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I always lose my taste for coffee until about 18 weeks rolls around. And I am a slave to coffee at all other times!

Nena said...

Hi, just wanted to know if you had heard of or tried preggo pops. my cousin thought they were great for morning sickness. check them out on line they come as lozenges or suckers, i believe. Otherwards, seasickness bands were helpful to me. hopefully you are feeling better soon!! :)