Friday, June 24, 2011

Doxed or Perhaps Doxt?

I don't know if it's an official developmental milestone but to me it seemed pretty significant when for the first time, Amanda named one of her stuffed animals. She's given us lots of different names but they were always names of cousins or friends. Her stuffed animals have always just been puppy, or bunny, or pony etc. Even her babies don't have names. They were just referred to as the vanilla baby or the chocolate baby.

So when I was sitting on the floor with her the other day and she began to say, "Her name is... Her names is, um.... Her name is..." I knew something big was about to happen and I was anxiously to hear what her name selection was going to be. It was a white spotted bear. It was a Bible story bear with the name Caleb written across the chest.

"Her name is Doxed."

So Doxed is her name and has been for several days. I asked her if it was like "boxed" or like "next." That just lead to confusion. Who knows how she would spell it if she could spell. Probably "Doxt" since she knows all those sounds and symbols.

She's been carrying Doxed in her wrap, feeding her, talking about how she has to hold her because she can't walk and making sure she doesn't run in the road. One night when it was time for bed, she placed Doxed in the hidden compartment of the arm chair (it often serves as a baby bed or a treasure chest.) I told her that she could certainly let Doxed sleep with her.

"No, she's too wiggly."

Hmmm. That's the same reason no babies are sleeping in my bed too. :)

Doxed is in bed with her tonight though.


Lynnette said...

I've never made it to that developmental milestone. I never named toys or dolls as a kid. Chad always did though. I thought maybe it's because they had pets (we didn't) and named them, so it was natural to name toys also. But I did a (very informal) poll of some friends to find out if they named toys/dolls and if they had pets. My theory didn't pan out so well.

Mike and Katie said...

That's funny! No pets at our house now. I can't remember really naming dolls or toys as a kid. Maybe because we had plenty of pets to name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she spells it's name "Dots" because it has spots. Neena

Mike and Katie said...

Mike just asked her and she explained that it had something to do with the doctor. Funny girl!