Saturday, April 2, 2011

Traveling Mercies and A Playground Milestone

Our trip went surprisingly well. My cousin just moved back to MN from OH and so my mom and grandma traveled with me to go see her. I also delivered the last of my extra breastmilk to my milk baby. She turned one in March and I quit pumping extra in February but still had a cooler-full in my freezer. I napped in the back next to Ana for the first 1 1/2 hrs while Amanda listened to a rosary CD with my mom. We stopped for about 20 minutes for diaper changes, gas and bathroom breaks and then I drove the next hour or so into the city while mom kept the girls occupied with snacks. My cousin had lunch ready for us when we got there and then we went out to play. It was pretty cold and windy but there were nine little kids nine and under so it was pretty crazy in the house. My aunt came with my cousin's daughter too.

Most of the kids were moving too fast for me to get any photos but Ana was putting on a show for us. Before our last snow storm, we had gone to a park and Ana cried the whole time. She seemed afraid of being able to see through the grate to the ground. But not this day. She was having a blast. She started out playing at the bottom of the slide but then somebody taught her how to get off the slide and climb back up the stairs to go again. And again. And again. Fun!

Our goal was to get out of the city before rush hour and we cut it a bit close. Thankfully traffic wasn't too bad. All the girls fell asleep after a few more snacks from my mom. My mom took a nap so she could drive once we got out of the city traffic. We stopped to visit another elderly relative about an hour out of the city. She's was so happy to see all of us. The girls were pretty subdued because they were so tired. However, when it was time to go, my mom opened the door to hallway of the assisted living complex and Tali took off crawling down the hall. The other two started crawling with her and pretty soon they were all giggling and laughing crawling down the flowered carpet. They were spreading little bits of sunshine all over! They stayed awake the whole way home but kept pretty happy. When Amanda started to fuss, I told her to blow on her fingers like party candles, which led to talking about birthdays and finally reciting the birth order of all the cousins. There are eighteen cousins. All three girls were mesmerized by the chanting of the familiar names. Again and again. The girls were tired and were recovering today. What did I learn from the whole experience? My days would go so much better if I always had food and drink immediately available to stuff into their mouths the moment they start to whimper. ;)


jodilee0123 said...

Jenay is one happy baby! :0) Thanks again!!!!!!! I can't believe you drove back on the same day--you are a daring woman!

jodilee0123 said...

Great photos by the way! So beautiful!