Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Pool Take 7 or 8

The last couple of trips to the pool have been much easier since my neighbor loaned us this little floaty. Tali is usually pretty happy in it and I can hold onto Ana. I don't even bring the wrap any more. On Good Friday, my mom met me at the pool with my sister's two boys and my brother's two boys. Since the older boys were going to be there, Tyler decided to get up and come with us. We left around 8:30 am on a day off from school. I was impressed. He also drove us there and back. Very nice!

My mom taught Amanda about jumping into the pool and she's very brave. On this trip she was really jumping. She still wants somebody to hold a hand out to her but she doesn't really need to be caught.

Which is great since I only have one hand free and can't really catch her. She usually grabs onto my hand with both hands and I could pull her up if she got into trouble.

She jumped and jumped and jumped while mom and I tried to catch a picture of her in mid-air. It's really tricky with an automatically adjusting digital camera and I really didn't have the time or a free hand to play around with the settings. Because Christiana never left my side, of course.

The boys shot hoops and did jumps in the bigger, colder lap pool. One day while we were at the pool there was a woman swimming laps near the edge that's close to the little activity pool. All Tali could see was her hands popping up after each stroke. She watched the hands going back and forth across the length of the pool totally perplexed. It was so funny!

We only have one more week left of our membership so I'm glad I was able to get some pictures. It will be another month and a half before we can swim in the lakes. Until then we'll be hitting the parks. Hopefully the weather cooperates and we don't get any more snow. :)


The Henrys said...

You truly impress me with how together you are when you take your girls on an outing! We had one of those floats with Will and it was a lifesaver:)

Tammy said...

Where did you get Christiana's swim cap? It is adorable.