Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amanda and the Water Heater

It's such an obscure household object. I'm sure most kids have no awareness of the water heater in their houses. Not Amanda. She is very aware of our water heater. It began when our old one broke down and needed to be replaced. I thought it would be interesting for her to watch the guys work for a bit. Moments after they started, the noisy pump they were using to drain the water broke loose and sprayed water all over the laundry room including on Amanda's feet. Thank goodness the heater was broken so the water was cold. She still talks about it.

Then the fan on top of the new heater was out of balance so it was VERY loud. The first time Amanda was in the laundry room when that started up she ran screaming from the room.

She has just recently started coming into the laundry room again and edging closer to the water heater. Where she discovered this:

It took me an entire day to convince her that there was NOT a MAN inside our water heater. A very distubing thought, to say the least. However, explaining to her exactly what that sticker means did not ease her mind about the trustworthiness of that big thing in the corner of the laundry room.


snekcip said...

Too funny!! I don't blame Amanda! That water heater looks intimidating!! LOL!!

Tammy said...

It is a scary picture. This will be fun for her to see later.

Jessie's Girls said...

Whoa, that IS pretty gruesome! You should have pity and let the poor guy out ;).

Davene Grace said...

I remember being scared of the water heater in our garage when I was a child. I think there was some sort of picture on ours--a little different from yours--but demonstrating some kind of danger. Explosion, I think. I ALWAYS eyed it warily when I had to be close to it!

And on another note - your comment about crying in The Last Battle - oh, yes! That is definitely a book I couldn't get through without tears!!!