Friday, March 18, 2011

The Pool- Take Two

On Monday, I took my second trip to the pool solo. We checked out the progress of the ice removal before heading to the locker rooms. They hadn't started yet but the ice looked funny because the cooling had been turned off overnight.

Everything went much better. I laid out my bathrobe as the picnic mat and poured a little pile of toasted o's in the center. Amanda and Ana split a cheese stick. The food kept them happily occupied while I got everyone dressed and ready. I put sandals on Ana and Amanda to help them feel more secure and just held Tali while we showered. That way my wrap was dry when I sat down to wrap up the little girls on my front. I also had silicone swim caps that I put on over Ana and Amanda's Lycra ones after wetting their hair.

There was another mom and little girl in the pool too. Everything went fine and after a while, I pulled one of the pool chairs into the water so I could sit a bit deeper and Amanda could practice jumping off the edge and navigating the deeper water. We found out that there is a bin of kick boards that we can use so I won't bother to bring the pool noodles next time.

We were in the pool for about an hour and then got out to shower. I had considered bringing a pitcher to make hair washing less traumatic (those locker room showers can be a bit painful). I forgot the pitcher but I did bring the chlorine removal shampoo and conditioner in a gallon zipper bag. I filled the bag and dumped it over the girls heads so shower time went pretty quickly. I don't think they had much chlorine in their hair but I used the shampoo as body wash too.

When we got back to the changing room, I laid my robe down again and passed out some more o's and cheese sticks and some milk for Ana. Then I got everyone lotioned and dressed. They munched happily and even stayed in the little room while I went back to wring out our suits and the wrap. The only other thing I will do differently is not shake out my robe when we are ready to go. (Since the point of laying down the robe is to avoid picking up those little o's off the floor.)(I just re-read my paragraph and had spelled "robe'' like Job three times. I should be in bed.)

Then we went out to the snack area with a view of the rink. I nursed Tali while the other girls finished their snack and watched the loaders removing the ice. Amanda asked if we could go skating several times. Maybe we'll bring her roller blades next week and let her skate around on the pavement for a bit before swimming.

All in all, it was a much better event. I think I'm only going to try swimming once a week since the chlorine is so hard on every one's skin. Plus it's getting so nice out that we can spend more time outside at home.

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