Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making the Most of Winter

To make up for the disappointment at the ice rink last Thursday, we decided to go sledding after naps. This is how we got to the the hill. I was pulling Christiana and Amanda. Amanda was hanging on to Tali's rope. Tali loves the snow! She drug her mittens in the snow the whole way.

Tali also enjoyed sliding down the hill. Although it was a bit warm so the sleds were going pretty slow.

Amanda did some sliding with Christiana including pulling her back up the hill. I have no idea why Amanda has the rope in her mouth. I didn't notice it until I saw the pictures.

This is the second time I've actually let Tali get down and crawl around in the snow. She had such a good time. The first time she kept getting face first in the snow and I thought she was falling over but it turned out she was just tasting the snow.

After we were done sledding, we went over to the swing set to play. The sledding hill and the swing set are in our neighbor's yard. The boys' sledding hill is on the backside with more trees and a jump. We weren't sliding there.

Amanda and Christiana rode on the saw horse together. Christiana gets so frustrated because she wants to do everything Amanda does including sit on the swings and reach the hanging bar.

Tali even took a turn on the swings.

I sure love my girls and love being outside with them.


Davene Grace said...

I was just thinking this morning, with some sadness, that we only had two snows this winter that were big enough to do anything in. I'm grateful that our days are warmer and spring is nearly here, but I wouldn't have minded some more fun in the snow. Oh well, maybe next winter. :)

When I see all these cute pictures, what stands out to me is all the PINK stuff! Hats, gloves, jackets, pants-- in all the shades of pink and purple. So adorable!

Joy Estelle said...

What a great picture of Christiana in the swing! I love hearing about your snow babies.

Meanwhile, I was so happy it was warm enough today to take Vin through the gathering puddles in his mud boots. It's all about enjoying this Minnesota weather! This is the time of year I miss the country and our maple trees.

Laura said...

These pictures are SO cute!! I can't believe you pulled all 3 girls up a hill, you're like super mom. :) We tried playing outside the other day and it was just a sloppy mess...I'm hoping our snow days are over. :)