Saturday, February 5, 2011

There's Hope!!!

It's been beautiful for the last couple of days! On Friday during Mike's lunch hour, Amanda and I went down to the outdoor rink near our house. She's doing better every time we go. We did end up purchasing a membership and have been driving to the indoor arena about 1/2 hour from our house. We have been going twice a week. It's really helped getting me through the really tough days where it's too cold to go outside. Some days, Amanda is really clingy and doesn't want to let go of my hand. So the last time we went, I rewarded her with butterscotch chips. Every time she let me skate a lap around the rink by myself, I'd give her three chips. She would often skate after me trying to catch up but at least she was hollering, "Mommy! Help!"

Having the camera at the outdoor rink helped her to be brave too.

Christiana is beginning to enjoy being outside more and no longer just cries the entire time we are outside. We've gotten out a few times when it gets above 2o degrees. We've taken walks or played in the driveway. This is the aftermath of an outing for us. Mike says that it looks like a baby explosion. It's usually like this when he comes home because we go after naps and then come right into to dinner and putting the littlest girls to bed. After they're in bed, Amanda and I can clean up.

Christiana has also gotten to that really challenging stage where every time I walk into the kitchen, she pushes her helping chair over to the counter to "help." Far be it for me to discourage her, but it makes it very difficult to get things done. She has also started napping less but hopefully that will get better when those giant molars finally break through her tender little gums.

Amanda's finally been doing better in the car. I had a breakthrough one morning when I saw the rosary that was left out from the last time my mom and grandma were here. When I was young, they taught me about praying on long trips. I really played up that idea with Amanda and we started with prayers as soon as we got in the van. We recited prayers and books for about 10 minutes and then she was fine the rest of the trip. Now when ever I hear her starting to get whiny, I'll start reciting prayers, songs or scripture that she knows and she gets distracted. It's kind of funny. It almost like she can't resist repeating the things that she knows. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner, but usually I'm so focused and getting us all out the door I don't think of preparing her for the ride.
Last weekend, Mike took Amanda skating at the outdoor rink and today he took her to the ski hill. I'm not sure if he'll put her on skis but it's fun for her to get out of the house. After the babies wake up from their nap, I'm going to go get her and hopefully get some pictures of the boys skiing.
I'm so happy that we've survived this very difficult winter when we've been so homebound. Spring is just around the corner and that always makes the winter worthwhile.

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snekcip said...

That is awesome! Love the fact that she can recite prayers on her rosary beads. What a great teaching experience!