Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tali Update

Tali deserves a post all to herself. When I first started this blog, Amanda was our only baby. It was easy to do a photo shoot and update every month for her. It was a little more difficult to do with Christiana because I always had Amanda's help. Then trying to post updates for two babies...well let's just say I was happy when Christiana turned one and I was "released" from that monthly obligation. Tali's updates have always been late and I never even got decent pictures from 10 and 11 months. Ah well. Rest assured she is growing quite nicely. :)

Tali can pull herself to stand and will walk while pushing a overturned laundry basket or our hands. She says, "Dad-dad" quite often. He is definitely her favorite person. She tries to snap her fingers and she can clap. She likes to have her teeth brushed. She always cries when I put her in bed. She nurses about four or five times a day. Often the nursing is cut short during the day because she wants to play with the girls or Daddy. She takes about three naps per day and sleeps from 10 pm to 8 am on most nights. She likes to eat pureed foods and toasted "O's" and any random bits she finds on the floor.

She army-crawled for a long time and has recently started crawling on all fours. She doesn't like to lay still for her diaper changes and is beginning to throw fits when some one takes her toys or thwarts her will. She likes taking baths now and if the bathroom door is open she heads straight for the tub and stands up next to it. She is usually very content riding in the stroller on walks or at the ice rink. The only time she fusses is when she's hungry. She relies on her sisters for entertainment and excitement and sometimes a little bit too much snuggling. Most of the time, they all remind me of a bunch of rolly-polly puppies crawling, climbing and tripping all over each other and me. I sure wouldn't trade it for anything!

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snekcip said...

She is just adorable!! Tali seems seem to be keeping up with her sisters pretty well! Well you know, she wasnt gonna be on all fours for long, not as long as the Amanda/Christiana was up and mobile!