Friday, February 18, 2011

One Year Ago...

I was sitting in a very nice hospital room trying to figure out a way for me and my new little baby to get home. Mike was scheduled for a meeting out of town and since he had missed his managers' meeting while we were waiting for Tali, he felt like he needed to go to this meeting.

The battery on my phone was going dead and I didn't have the charger. Thankfully my friend Darla was local so I could call her. She wasn't able to bring me home but she called my doula to see if she could bring me home. Part of my agreement with her included 5 hours of postpartum care.

I was waiting for Darla to call me back when my doctor came in to check on me. While I was explaining to her about Mike being out of town, Darla called back. My doctor excused herself to go check on Tali. Darla had spoken to my doula and she was able to come but not until after lunch. It was about 9 am. I hung up and saw a shadow in the doorway. I expected to see my doctor come in but was so much happier to see Mike walk into the room. Yeah!!!! He had taken the day off and skipped the meeting. I was so glad.

Incidentally, his manager's meeting was on the 1st,2nd, and 3rd of February. He was told that if I didn't have the baby by the 1st, he wouldn't have to go. I'm was thinking, "If I did have the baby by the 1st, I sure didn't want him taking off for three days! It never came to that thankfully and they were still giving him a hard time about it this year. "So, when's your wife due again?"

We just hung around and relaxed while we waited for Tali to be 24 hours old so they could do the PKU test. Mike may have run to get me another salad from Subway. About the time, they came to do the test, Tali needed to nurse. They promised to come back shortly. About an hour later, they came back. We were getting pretty anxious to get home by this point. Finally, everything was taken care of and we were ready to leave. But not before a surprise visit by my friend Amber. She brought me roses and it was so fun to see her. She also took the pictures of Mike, me and Tali. She was at the clinic for an appointment. I had a passing though wondering what kind of appointment she had since clearly she wouldn't have come to see the baby if she was sick. Also, I thought she maybe looked pregnant but you just don't say that to a woman. The thing about pregnancy: it can only be kept a secret for so long. :) When the fog cleared, I did find out that she was expecting her ninth baby. Fun!

When we came home, I was the first one in the door. Amanda greeted me excitedly and chattered on about all the activites and fun she'd had while I was away. She didn't even notice Mike bring in Tali in her carseat. When Mike directed her attention to the new baby, she just looked her suspiciously and clung to me. Which was so much different that her reaction to Christiana. She couldn't wait to hold Christiana and was begging to hold her in the hospital. For a long time she wouldn't go near me when I was holding Tali.

Those first few days were so crazy. I was really sore and needed help lifting the babies. At one point, I realized that there needed to be two adults to help me. Thankfully it didn't take long for me to recover. I also realized that I needed to write down when everybody was eating, eliminating and when I was taking pain relievers. It was so chaotic.

We have offically survived that first year. I'd like to say things are less chaotic but they're not just different kinds of chaos.

And a whole lot of fun, smiles, giggles, hugs, and kisses too.

Happy Birthday, Tali-Bear!

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A Family of Love said...

Happy Birthday Tali!!!!

jodilee0123 said...

I'm a day late, I think. . . .. Happy Birthday Tali! Hope you had a wonderful day! I hope you are all staying well there!