Monday, January 3, 2011

Seasonal Blogger

These pictures were from a several weeks ago. Aside from dealing with illnesses for the last few weeks, I have been finding it very difficult to get the girls outside to play. Christiana really doesn't like the cold and I have trouble dressing her so she stays warm. I think I just need to hire somebody to take Amanda out to play. Tyler was willing to do it one day and Amanda had a good time.

Snow Angels

All during the day, I think of things to blog about but by the time the house is quiet and the kids are in bed, my brain is fried and I can't form cohesive thoughts. Mike's also been going through a class called Bible Study Methods. It's so great! Many evenings we spend going over the lessons together. I'm so happy he chose a Christian college. Anyway, I'm finding this is a season of less blogging for me and that's okay.


snekcip said...

Oh I can't even imagine sitting down at a computer "blogging" with just one toddler, let alone 3!!! I totally understand! However, I will settle for just pictures of those 3 precious girls on the blog!! *hint-hint!

e&e said...

I'm glad you are finding other worthy pursuits and are ok with that, but for those of us who count on a good read from you blog, along with adorable and funny photos, well, I guess we need to find something else to do, too, right?

I'm glad you still answer the phone. :)

I've also thought about hiring someone to take Sophia out. Joshy offers, but sometimes she's too much.

Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha! Worthy pursuits? Merely trying to keep everybody alive! Christiana kept climbing onto the table while I was trying to make dinner. She fell off once because she could reach the chair with her feet as she was trying to get back down. She cried; Amanda comforted her, and a minute later she was back on the table about to fall head first on to the floor.

SALMA said...

I take it you feel better? I hope so.

Mike and Katie said...

Yes, thank you, Salma. Monday morning was the worst. A couple hot baths and two naps really helped. I also had help so I could finally post these pictures while I was nursing Tali.