Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!!!!!!!!

I had a great birthday!!! I got up early and took the girls skating again. Amanda's improvement is incredible and was noted by the guy who was jogging the track on Tuesday while we were there. I let Christiana out of the stroller so she could walk around and she had fun. The ice is not frequently Zambonied so it wasn't very slippery. After our snack, Tali fell asleep in the stroller but the other girls were getting whiny so we didn't stay very long. Next time I need to make snack time shorter.

On the way out, I got some information and I think I will be getting membership. If we go skating twice a week, it would be cheaper to get a membership and then we could use the pool and gym. I can get a individual pass and the kids under 12 are free. Nice! We can also get guest passes for cheaper, too. I generally try to do activities that are free and local to save money and gas but ice skating seems to be such a good fit for us to get through the long winter when it's too cold for the babies to be outside. Ice skating just works because I can keep them partly bundled the whole time (assuming no dirty diapers). Bundling the babies is the most stressful part of leaving the house. At the indoor rink, I always know the approximate temperature and can plan accordingly.

So, Happy Birthday to me! I'm getting a gym membership!

When I came home, I was very happy to see Mike's vehicle in the driveway. Getting three tired and fussy girls into the house is always a challenge. Mike is usually home for lunch so it's nice to count on that help.

Today he also had these lovely tulips for me. One year, he brought home some amazing tulips for our anniversary in May but since then every attempt has been futile. He was so thrilled when they had a new shipment of fresh tulips. I was so thrilled to see they were in a wide mouth mason jar. He told the florist to just put it into something cheap because he figured I'd probably them into my own vase at home (I used to work in a floral shop and loved to arrange my own). But I actually needed another jar since the last time I made yogurt one of mine broke.

Amanda is just in love with my flowers. I think she'd like to get some for her birthday too.

The girls gifted me with an hour and a half of syncronized napping. Love that!

Then friend from our church came over with dinner and for a visit. That was really nice and there's plenty of leftovers. It was a very nice birthday!


snekcip said...

Happy Birthday Katie!!! May God continue to bless and keep you.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I love the tulips. I'm ready for spring here...

jodilee0123 said...

Awesome Katie! You will remember your birthday every day you are at the gym! Happy Birthday!!!!

The Henrys said...

Happy Birthday! Tulips are my favorite flower! I remember that being one of the down-falls of a June wedding. I so wanted them to be my wedding flower:) The nap time was a great gift too. I love it when things happen that way:)

Visual Notes said...

Happy Happy Birthday my dear (...and many more).

Beautiful flowers.

Kristi said...

happy happy birthday!! i hope your day was fantastic (: