Wednesday, January 12, 2011



That's how many dirty cloth diapers I had to clean out yesterday. On days like that I don't regret using cloth diapers but I do regret not using elimination communication when they were smaller. Now, I know there is just no way I could have done it. It's easy to pretend I could have now, but that's because I have already forgotten what it feels like to be on the verge of puking for eight months (Except last Monday when I was sick. Then I remembered--briefly.)

I've put Christiana on the toilet occasionally and occasionally she's eliminated, but the thought of going through the potty training process does not appeal to me. I'd like to try the early potty training but it involves letting the baby run around naked. Things are way too chaotic for that.

Tyler's got Amanda outside for a walk right now. Yeah!

Tali's napping.

Christiana's in her bed but she's not napping.

Amanda cried for another hour in the car today. Then she fell asleep while I was preparing lunch for her. Perhaps because she wouldn't go to bed until 11:00 pm last night. And then woke up and 5 am again. She used to be such a good sleeper. I patted myself on the back for effectively sleep training her. And then she was potty trained and everything went down hill from there.

We are all feeling better for the most part. Well, the people in my sphere. The girls still have runny noses. Mike wasn't feeling well again and Tony sounded rough but they can take care of themselves. ;)

I'm going to go have some chocolate and then check on Christiana. Hopefully she hasn't dirtied another diaper.


jodilee0123 said...

We've had a poopy new year here! haha! That's literally, not figuratively. The kids sleeping has been awful here too. Then, an hour of crying from all of them--well, not from Jenay, but Jakob and Jada are LOUD! The seasons of life. I hope you all feel better soon!!!!! I was thinking the same thing the other day when I had a whole bunch of diapers to spray out! haha!

e&e said...

Chocolate??? You do mean organic, free range, grass fed, no hormone, sprouted, raw chocolate, right? Otherwise I'd have to really worry about you.