Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's under your dining room table?

Have I mentioned how Amanda likes to play puppy? It seems like she always asking to tie a leash around her and then hold onto the leash for a good part of the day. It started out with a short little necklace. That didn't make a very good leash. For almost a month, she walked around attached to me by a retractable leash. That was this summer before Ana was moblie. Of course, Ana copies and asked to be tied up too. Although she doesn't not like actually being tied up. Silly girls.

Lately, Amanda's been asking me to make dog houses for her. The problem has been that they are never big enough or safe from Christiana's grabby hands. One morning last week, Amanda was asking for a dog house and I decided to go all out. I cleared off the table and got out the big quilts. And then I remembered the creative design of our table. When we outgrew our table, Mike made a top for us out of a 4'x8' sheet of plywood. Then he removed the thick butcher-block top from our old table and secured a thinner piece of plywood to the top. Then the large sheet just sets on the smaller top.

What this means is that I can lift the table top and tuck blankets underneath. We can still use the table, Christiana can't pull the blankets down, and the girls have a fabulous little play space. I've spent a couple of afternoons laying on pillows under the table with them. On these chilly winter days, hanging out in a little blanket fort is nice and cozy.

I almost considered taking the fort down today when Tyler had company, but I didn't. I'm going to guess that we will have a fort under our table for quite some time.

Amanda is a pretty neat eater and I don't let the babies self-feed messy foods so I'm not too concerned about the blankets getting dirty. If anything, it keeps the crumbs and such from going all the way under the table and I just need to sweep up under their chairs.


e&e said...

I've been jealous of your table before, and I guess this will just add to the jealousy. You could really market a table like that. MY kids would buy it!

Shebee said...

great idea, we will have to make a blanket fort. Looks so fun!