Monday, December 20, 2010

Three is so much fun!

Amanda, Amanda, Amanda. Such a fun little girl. She is so full of life and imagination.

Three is such a great age because she is starting to grasp abstract concepts like God, adoption and birth moms. We sat down for the first time and looked through the book Amanda's birth mom made for her. She embraces everything with enthusiasm and curiosity. She loves the little stickers and embellishments. There are pictures of her birth mom holding her in the hospital and when we got to the pictures after her birth mom left the hospital, she said, "Oh no, no! Where did baby Amanda go?" She was very excited to see Mike and I on the next page.

The other day I was making green beans and she said that she didn't want any. I told her that she had to eat some. Of course, she said, "Why?" So I answered, "Because God made them as good food for you to eat and grow up big and strong." Later as I placed the green beans on her plate, she looked at them and said, "I have to thank God for these green beans!" I explained how when we pray before eating, we were thanking God for our food. Ever since then her prayers are no longer gibberish followed by an "Amen," she actually speaks about things she is thankful for. At least, she did until she decided that she really liked the Catholic prayer ritual that we always say when my mom and grandma come to visit. Now she always asks to do that one.

She also enjoys saying the rosary with Grammy when she comes to visit. She loves getting out the special rosaries and participating. She talks about how Jesus died on the cross...and then goes on to say, "I died on the cross, Mama died on the cross, Baby Ana died on the cross, etc..." I decided to just let that one go. She wasn't completely wrong but I thought she was a little young for a discussion explaining propitiation.

I remember when Tony was three. One day, he was sitting at the table declaring, "Jesus is God! Jesus is God!" (Sadly, when I told the story to the senior high students I was teaching at the time, many of them looked me in confusion, "Jesus is God?" These were confirmed Catholic kids.) Anyways, things are different for the boys now.

Mike and I took the boys to the third Narnia movie last Thursday. At the end, Aslan tells Lucy that this is the last time she will be in Narnia. He says that she has seen him for a little while in Narnia so that she can learn to see him in her own world. My boys are at the same point of transition. They are too old to see God in the magical, mysterious way they did when they were younger and now it's time for them to learn to see God in the more mature way that comes with age and experience.

I'm sure glad we have another batch a little ones that we can take to Narnia for a little while.


Johanna @ These Prices said...

This made me cry! What wonder.

Lynnette said...

My favorite part of this post was "she was a little young for a discussion explaining propitiation". Made me chuckle!

momto9 said...

Just catching up on your blog's been a while:)
You children are just as darling as I remember them!