Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nine Months

At nine months, Talitha weighs about 20 lbs and is 27 inches long. She has two teeth in the middle on the bottom and two more coming in on the top; the middle left and the tooth next to it. The tooth next to the middle is coming in crooked just like Tyler's did and mine are. She nurses about five times a day and takes three naps a day and finally goes to bed for the night between 10 and 11 pm. I would love that to be earlier but I don't mind that she usually sleep until 8 am. She eat two to three meals a day of pureed foods. She does not like sweet foods at all. Bananas make her gag. Pears make her pucker. Peas, beans, carrots, and squash she eats very happily. She picks up things off the floor and puts them in her mouth but I haven't gotten around to giving her finger foods yet.

She still uses the army crawl to get around but she's pretty fast. She likes to climb up and pillows, blankets, and people who are on the floor. She can get herself into a sitting position and often gets ups and rocks on her hands and knees. She's beginning to pull herself up on us and we help her to stand. She's still pretty wobbly on her legs though. She no longer pleasantly accepts her sisters taking her toys from her hands and often protests loudly, holds on tight and tries to grab the toy back. She's also pretty aggressive about going after the toys she wants even if someone else is holding them.

Tali is very spoiled by her daddy and will squawk if he doesn't pick her up right away and when he puts her down. Usually if I come over and reach for her when he's holding her she will turn away from me and cling to him. It's very sweet and it makes him feel loved. She enjoys her sisters but sometimes they can be a bit smothering. She is often torn between wanting to nurse and wanting to see what they are doing. It's so much fun to hear them all laugh and giggle together.

She's finally starting to grow some hair although I think she'll be sporting a mullet for a while since the sides on front are coming in more slowly than the back. Her little strawberry mark on the top of her head has flattened out and has really started to fade. She's wearing mostly 12 months clothing and size 2-3 shoes. I had to get a picture of her in our favorite yellow dress before she outgrows it. I'm not sure if she'll be able to wear it on her first birthday like Amanda and Christiana did.

I just love her smile!!! Don't you?

Here's Amanda wearing the dress on birthday and Gotcha Day. Here's Christiana wearing the dress on her birthday.


A Family of Love said...

Yellow is a great color for her especially with those bright blue eyes. All the girls look beautiful in the yellow dress. I can't believe that she is already nine months old.

jodilee0123 said...

I just love all your posts! I think we educated one adoptive mom to seek out the milk bank for baby! :0) Yeah! Hope all is well. . . we've been crazy busy and sick here. I hate to even say we all seem well. . .

snekcip said...

What a beauty! I had to re-read the weight of Amanda at 12mos (which was 19lbs) and Tali is 9mos at (20lbs)! Either Amanda was really small, or Tali is one little chunk!! LOL!! All your girls are just beautiful!! *I cant forget those young men of yours either~Handsome! Handsome! Handsome!