Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

I'm finally getting around to posting the rest of the photos from our photo shoot with Nicole Marie. Nicole and her family came to our house for a family photo shoot this September as a "thank you" for the breast milk that I donated to her little boy.

We had planned the shoot for earlier in the summer when it would be warmer, we would have more time, and perhaps the kids would be more cooperative. We did our best but that perfect family picture just didn't happen.

Nicole was able to capture some beautiful pictures of our family separately though. She is a very talented photographer and we are very thankful for the work she did for us. Nicole and I have a lot in common; infertility, adoption, induced lactation, we worked with the same adoption agency and social worker, home schooling, dealing with food allergies and when she came to visit us, she was feeling a bit queasy due to a delightfully unexpected pregnancy.

But sadly, on Saturday, their first daughter, Aurora Marie, was born still. Nicole and her family are just heartbroken, of course. And my heart has been with them. While I was pregnant with Tali, the thought was never far from my mind that I could lose her. I could only imagine how devastating that would have been for me and it must be for Nicole.

Now when I look at these photos they remind me again that life is so precious and yet so precarious. We need to cherish every moment because we don't know how many are left.

Nicole has bravely shared her story on their travel blog. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she begins to heal physically and emotionally.


snekcip said...

The picture of Christiana is HILARIOUS!! Those toddlers can have a "mind of their own" when it comes to pictures! Nicole Marie did an awesome job on Tali's pic! Truly I love the first pic! It's natural and unposed!! My favorite kind!! I will be sure to visit her blog and leave a kind word. Merry Christmas to your beautiful family and thank you again for a glimpse "in your window" . It has been a pleasure to FOLLOW your blog! I look forward to seeing the girls "grow before" my eyes, for as long as you allow!

jodilee0123 said...

Beautiful photos! My heart aches for Nicole and her family. I will keep them all in my prayers!

Laura said...

Great photos...shows real life! :) What a great trade!