Sunday, November 21, 2010

Whatever do you mean?

"You sure have your hands full!"
Really? I hadn't noticed.

Today at sundown marked the end of hunting season and three weeks of going to church by myself. The first two Sundays, Tyler came with, too, so I had marginal help. Although he was not up early last Sunday to start my van and remove all the snow. But this Sunday, he went up north with Mike and Tony too. So, I was completely on my own.

I really doubted my sanity when I finally got all three girls out the door and then saw that the van was covered in ice. Yikes! I couldn't bear the thought of being stuck at home so I loaded up the girls and prayed that I could find an ice scraper easily. I did and got the important windows cleared. My first job involved driving a flower delivery van and I learned how to drive with my mirrors and limited visibility.

Now, I realized that since my van was covered with ice there was a good chance the roads were covered with ice but I figured if I could make it out of the neighborhood, I should be good. I'm sure I had a bit of supernatural protection on my way to church this morning because God knew how much I wanted to be there. The driving wasn't bad. The stopping was a bit challenging. ;)

I'm proud of myself for getting us there and home safely, but I'll will be very thankful when Mike is home next weekend.

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